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Nova SBE Research Unit

Nova SBE integrates the three basic disciplinary areas of the School - Economics, Finance, and Management – and all its researchers into a single Research Unit with cross-disciplinary orientation. The scientific coordination of the Unit is under the responsibility of the Vice-President of the Faculty Council, Pedro Vicente, and the operational management is under the responsibility of the Research Office.

Articulating the activity of researchers in Knowledge Centers, laboratories, hubs and projects, the unit supports the School in the production of top-quality and worldwide recognized research on the most pressing issues that will have a lasting impact on public policies, markets, business and management practices, and the society at large. The unit concentrates efforts to strategically align the research endeavors with the mission of the School and the grand challenges of our times, as understood by the UN (17 Sustainable Development Goals), the EU, and the Portuguese scientific and innovation ecosystem.

Nova SBE offers a stimulating environment for junior and experienced researchers and set ambitious goals: to attract, develop, and retain talent; to develop national and international research networks; to generate research with academic and societal impact, and to develop vibrant Ph.D. programs. It has been under the scrutiny of external evaluations conducted by international panels. In every assessment, Nova SBE’s research was awarded the grade “Excellent”.


Nova SBE Research Unit is funded by:
Social Sciences DataLab (research infrastructure) if funded by
Nova SBE’s research work is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (UID/ECO/00124/2013 and Social Sciences DataLab, Project 22209), POR Lisboa (LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-007722 and Social Sciences DataLab, Project 22209) and POR Norte (Social Sciences DataLab, Project 22209).

Whats's happening


Gustavo A. Schwenkler seminar
24 Jan '20
Finance Seminars | Friday Gustavo A. Schwenkler seminar

Gustavo A. Schwenkler, from the Questrom School of Business, Boston University, will be joining us at Nova SBE to present is paper about ”The Network of Firms Implied by the...

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Whats's happening


Emil Palikot seminar
24 Jan '20
Economics Seminars | Friday Emil Palikot seminar

Emil Palikot, from the Toulouse School of Economics, will be at Nova SBE for a Job Talk about  ”The impact of online reputation on ethnic discrimination”


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Whats's happening


Lorenzo Schoenleber Seminar
22 Jan '20
Finance Seminars | Wednesday Lorenzo Schoenleber Seminar

Lorenzo Schoenleber, from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, will present is paper about ”Correlations, Value Factor Returns, and Growth Options” in a Research...

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Whats's happening


90 Seconds of Science with Professor Antonieta Cunha e Sá
Research | 05 September 2017 90 Seconds of Science with Professor Antonieta Cunha e Sá

Professor Antonieta Cunha e Sá addresses the impact that land conversion at the border of urban and non-urban areas, for development or for agriculture, can have on the environment and the ecology...

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Whats's happening


90 seconds of science with Professor José Tavares
Research | 12 July 2017 90 seconds of science with Professor José Tavares

A study reveals that implementing a gender quota in a democratic political system is only effective if it is high enough to convince the best qualified women to compete. A share of less than 25%...

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Whats's happening


90 seconds of science with Luís Catela Nunes
Research | 08 June 2017 90 seconds of science with Luís Catela Nunes

Luís Catela Nunes is a professor at Nova SBE and investigates the impact of school retentions on a student's academic life.

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Research Strategy

The strategic alignment and quality assurance for research at Nova SBE is provided by the Faculty Council and the School’s Dean. For the next five years, Nova SBE will aim to sustain and expand excellence, knowledge dissemination, and societal impact of research with international recognition. This strategy is based on the following objectives:

  • Align research with the School’s mission and the challenges of our global society
  • Enhance international research networks
  • Enhance science communication and knowledge transfer
  • Consolidate the international status of the Ph.D. programs.
  • Diversify research funding sources
  • Improve research productivity

The strategic alignment of research with the School’s mission is achieved through the overall coordination of the research agendas of Knowledge Centers and individual researchers (top-down approach to scientific development). However, the Unit also supports researchers in their continuous effort to pursue the development of entrepreneurial activities and disrupt the statu quo in established scientific fields (bottom-up approach to scientific development).

Our researchers

Nova SBE’s Research Unit is a dynamic learning ground for researchers or research associates, as well as Ph.D. candidates from our current Ph.D. programs.


Research Office

The Research Office works as an operational area, providing support to grant and fellowship applications, project management, coordination and implementation of research-oriented events, and the overall management of the Ph.D. programs.

Who is who?

  • Sonia Oliveira – Fellow Coordinator
  • Alexandra Veiga – Senior Advisor for pre-project and funding
  • Sofia Vala – Project management and Ph.D. programs
  • Alice Martins – Staff (incoming and outgoing – missions, seminars)
  • Lina Simões – Staff (project management)
  • Júlia Carvalho – Staff (Ph.D. programs and support to fellows)
  • Andreia Graça – Science and Technology Management Fellow
Research Office

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Nova SBE Research Office

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