Ph.D. in Management

The Program

PH.D. in Management

The curriculum is designed to equip students with the tools to pursue the most challenging careers. While disciplined and rigorous in training, the program is also flexible, for students to pursue their unique research interests. 

Upon acceptance into the Ph.D. program, students will work with a thesis supervisor who accompanies the research process and development.

The Ph.D. program runs on a full-time basis and students are expected to live in Lisbon throughout its duration. The program is delivered in English.

1st Academic Year

Organizational Theory S1 7 Compulsory
Microeconomics S1 7 Compulsory
Statistics I T1 3,5 Compulsory
Statistics II T2 3,5 Compulsory
Free Option
Full-Course (S1)
Half-Course (T1)
Half-Course (T2)
Design of the PHD Project S1 7 Compulsory
Exemplary Research T3 3,5 Compulsory
Hot Topics in Exemplary Research T4 3,5 Compulsory
Qualitative Methods T3 3,5 Compulsory
Hot Topics in Qualitative Methods T4 3,5 Compulsory
Social Behavior T1 3,5 Compulsory
Hot Topics in Quantitative Methods T4 3,5 Compulsory
Free Option
Full-Course (S2)
Half-Course (T3)
Half-Course (T4)
3,5 Optional
3,5 Optional
7 Optional
Discussion of the PHD Project S2 2 Compulsory


2nd, 3rd and 4th Years

Free Option (Soft Skills) 2 Compulsory
Research Seminars 6 Compulsory
Dissertation 172 Compulsory


Typically, a student completes the Ph.D. program within four years. In the 1st year, students complete core and elective courses and also a comprehensive exam that ensures that they have acquired the necessary foundations of knowledge to advance in their studies. 

After a successful pass, the research and dissertation phase begins. Throughout their Ph.D. program, students attend Research Seminars, present their work in conferences and complete one semester abroad. At Nova SBE you will be specifically encouraged to attend job market conferences during your last year in the program.