Our Mission

To be a community dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that impacts the world

We were born out of disruption.
We were born to disrupt.

Over our 40-year history, the school has become the top brand in higher education in Portugal, namely in the areas of business, economics and finance.

This success is explained by our focus on a rigorous and demanding approach to teaching and research; by our efforts to become more and more international; and by our naturally bold and vanguardist culture.

Today, we are fully committed to grow internationally. The Bologna reform, and the subsequent opening of the European Higher Education market, created an opportunity for new brands to emerge in Europe. That is where we see ourselves and how we’re positioning ourselves for the future.

Our values

Care to make a difference


Excellence in all school activities, from students’ admissions to academic analysis, research and school management.


Commitment to transform the world in responsible and inclusive ways.


Eager to work with everyone who strives for positive change and to create cross-cultural synergies. An open attitude that enhances diversity in all of its dimensions.


An innovative mindset that is open to disruption and not afraid to take chances.


A sense of responsibility for establishing bonds with society and stakeholders, to engage a global and supportive community.

Our value proposition

The Nova Way of Life: a school as an open ground for a new way of learning, sharing and growing together

Nova School of Business and Economics will grow to become an open community of insight and enterprise, dedicated to the creation of inspiring talent and meaningful solutions to improve and transform the World.

With our bright new campus, and Portugal's safe environment and affordable living, we will be a space for people, dialogue, opportunity and joy: a common ground where ideas and ideals can flourish safely and naturally.