Bachelor's Programs

International Students

Students can apply to the Nova SBE Bachelor’s programs with this call if they don't hold  the nationality of a member state of the European Union and haven't lived in Portugal for more than two consecutive years.
All candidates should apply trough the Pre-University Semester, managed by NOVA University Lisbon. The Pre-University Semester will help students in the process of adapting to the European teaching system. It aims to level up the candidate's technical knowledge and provide the required language competencies (when needed) to students who wish to apply, in the future, to a bachelor's degree or integrated master's in one of NOVA's schools. This multidisciplinary program offers students the opportunity to choose three courses offered by NOVA's schools, attend the Ideas Club and Portuguese and English classes, thus developing language competences to pursue the intended studies for a University degree at NOVA.
Candidates to the Pre-University Semester must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Hold a High School diploma or a document that attests to the completion of High School, including a transcript of records with a full list of courses and corresponding grades
  • Have a minimum of B2 fluency in at least one of the following languages: Portuguese or English (depending on the language of the Bachelor’s degree you want upon completion of the program)


Inspiring Future Virtual Fair

Inspiring Future Virtual Fair

The Inspiring Future virtual fair is back! Until the end of June 2021, don't miss the unique opportunity of visiting our stand!
You can talk to us in real-time, schedule a meeting to clarify any doubts, and access exclusive Nova SBE content.

Nova SBE Open Day
A new choice for a new future

Nova SBE Open Day

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) will hold a Nova SBE Open Day so that students who wish to pursue a degree in Economics or Management can learn more information about our programs and discover what’s like to be a Nova SBE student for one day.

You can choose one of the following dates*:
Open Day 1– February 23, 2021
Open Day 2 – March 30, 2021
Open Day 3 – April 22, 2021
Open Day 4 – May 31, 2021

* Due to the pandemic, Nova SBE is entitled to define, near the event’s final date, whether the Nova SBE Open Days will take place on campus or online.


  1. Present her/his application filling in the Pre-University Semester (SPU) application form available online and attaching the needed documents

  2. The SPU Team will gather all the information and send it to Nova SBE's Student Recruitment & Admissions Office

  3. Nova SBE's Student Recruitment & Admissions Office will evaluate the application, and all the submitted documents and do a pre-screening that can have three possible outcomes:

    1. A deferred decision for a possible direct entrance at Nova SBE:

      1. The applicant will be asked to take an online mathematics test. This is an eliminatory step as the applicant should have a minimum score of 50/100. See this example

      2. If needed, two skype interviews will be arranged: one concerning the applicant’s motivation letter, and other to address further Mathematics skills

    2. Conditional acceptance on doing and succeeding the SPU, fulfilling Nova SBE’s criteria (available on the SPU website)

    3. Unsuccessful (not entering Nova SBE)

  4. There will be a Nova SBE Bachelor’s Admissions Committee meeting to validate all applications and settle final decisions

  5. Nova SBE’s Student Recruitment & Admissions Office will forward the results to the SPU Team in order for them to communicate the final decisions to the applicants

  • A motivation letter stating why the candidate is interested in completing the semester and/or what is the reason for wanting to take a Bachelor’s degree after the successful completion of the SPU semester;
  • A recommendation letter (optional)
  • A document attesting the completion of high school. In case of not having finished high school at the time of application, the candidate must submit an official declaration from the school attesting when the candidate will be finishing high school
  • A transcript of records with a full list of courses and corresponding grades. In case of not having finished high school at the time of application, the candidate must submit the transcript of records (with all the courses and respective grades) completed at that time*:
  • A copy of your passport
  • A document certifying your language level for English and/or Portuguese
  • A document demonstrating that the payment of the application fee was made. After submitting the online application, the candidate will receive an email from the International Relations Office acknowledging that the documents were received and providing instructions for enrollment fee payment
*Students who are still finishing high school by the time they apply must submit the Diploma that proves they finished high school (or a legally equivalent document) until the end of the first month of classes of the Pre-University Semester. 

The applications to the Pre-University Semester are open in the following periods:

  • From July to October: for candidates willing to attend the semester from February to August (Spring intake);
  • From January to March: for candidates willing to attend the semester from September to January (Fall intake).


  • Application fee: 70 €*
  • Enrollment fee: 300 €* (Upon acceptance)
  • Pre-University Semester fee:  2.700 €* (After visa approval and before classes start)
  • Enrollment fee: 10 % of the tuition fee to be deducted from the total tuition fee. No exceptions or late payments will be accepted*
  • Annual tuition fee: 7500 €**
  • All payments should be made in euros
**The tuition fee is subject to change and is non-refundable. Admitted students can defer for up to one semester without having to reapply. However, they must pay the enrollment fee to guarantee their place and inform the school no later than one month before the beginning of the term. If this deadline is disregarded or if there is an unsuccessful request to defer, it will be necessary to submit a new application.




Applications for the next edition - Spring ( February 2021) are closed. For more information, please contact us by email