Actions that make an impact

What have we been up to?

We foster and train positive leadership. We inspire people for societal progress, through knowledge, actionable insights and by joining forces with key partners. Our projects reflect our ambition to make a meaningful impact in each person we reach and society in general. Step by step, we are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Partners for progress
Joining forces

Partners for progress

We collaborate with different partners in our projects, namely with Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Fundação Amélia de Mello, Fundação "la Caixa", Randstad and Rui Diniz. LFI also collaborates with several clubs and associations of Nova SBE students such as Nova Social Consulting, Nova Junior Consulting, Nova SU, Green Nova and Nova Marketing Club.

Our Projects


The Inclusive Community Forum (ICF) is a co-creating network and platform that aims to address the inclusion of people with disabilities in Portugal during 5 years. It is developed by a dedicated team of LFI, using our “Wavemaking methodology”.

It brings together the target beneficiaries, students, academia, NGOs, corporations and society in general, to co-create new ideas for this social challenge, pilot and scale new solutions, and to develop and communicate best practices.

Each academic year, ICF will identify a central theme for the promotion of a more inclusive community. In 2018, the theme was Employment and in 2019 will be Education.

The Wavemaking methodology follows a vertical acceleration process, in parallel with a multi-stakeholder approach, to tackle grand societal challenges in collaboration with Nova SBE’s ecosystem.

Addressed Sustainable Development Goals:

Offers inspirational activities and talks to foster students’ self awareness, grow their soft skills, boost their emotional intelligence and find their purpose.

Accounts and integrates all the opportunities in the social area that students can take part in, including classes, social internships, volunteering  and social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Identifies, studies and reports leaders behaviors, opinions and practices, while following and highlighting leadership trends, best practices and risks.

The Leadership and Society Annual Forum is one of the many activities promoted by the Fundação Amélia de Mello Chair in Leadership. The annual Forum aims to engage academics, practitioners and society in general, gathering them in an ambitious discussion focused on the most important and debated topics in the contemporary society.

Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Impact – Major in Social Entrepreneurship
Project-focused program where students will develop their own venture. There will be 3 paths to choose from: Social Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Impact (Forecast 2019/2020)
Project-focused program, planned to start in 2019/2020, where students will develop their own venture. There will be 3 paths to choose from: Social Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

Paradigm Shifts Executive Program
3-day executive training program for participants in C-Level positions, from organizations searching for ways to have a positive social impact. Participants will discuss possible paths that organizations may take to address societal problems.

Social Study Tours (ongoing)
Students from partner universities will come to meet the social entrepreneurship ecosystem of Cascais and Lisbon, learning from the best examples of social innovation in the area.

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Chair in Impact Economy
to be attributed

Fundação Amélia de Mello Chair in Leadership
attributed to Professor Miguel Pina e Cunha

European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education (ENABLE)
Partnership project cofounded by the EU Erasmus+ program. It focuses on the societal problem of land degradation and develops educational programs and activities in integrated management landscape, based on sustainable business models.

International Security Management Knowledge Alliance (IMS-KA)
Partnership project cofounded by the EU Erasmus+ program. It focuses on the societal problem of security threats and defense and develops educational programs and activities on international security management.

Status: ongoing

The NOVA SBE Social Impact Alumni is a network of previous students of Nova SBE who are involved in social impact initiatives or started social enterprises or work for organizations that “do well and do good”.


1. Creating an international network of professionals passionate about creating social impact and working toward a better society, helping them develop their bonds;

2. Sharing impact opportunities such as internships, jobs or volunteering offers that are made available by any type of organization aligned with the group’s values (Social Enterprises, Impact Investors, Non-Profit Organizations, Companies, Public Administrations, International Development Organizations and others);

3. Playing as a platform for the inspiration and development of social impact opportunities of any kind (Local Initiatives, Starting Up of Social Enterprises, etc)

This group gathered face to face for the first time on January 2018, to share inspiring stories with one another, learn more about the social sector and the various initiatives of the Leadership for Impact center.

If you are a Nova SBE Alumni and would like to join this network, please register here.

Status: COMPLETED - July 2nd to 11th, 2018  

The Nova SBE Summer School The Lisbon Experience: Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation aims to be an immersion exercise in which students will be able to experience the academic excellence of Nova SBE’s faculty and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Lisbon and Cascais.

During 10 intensive days, the summer school offers a mix of master classes, field trips and workshops around three themes: entrepreneurship, social innovation, and responsible leadership. Through action learning participants will have classes with Nova SBE’s faculty, meet entrepreneurs and investors, work on real challenges and enjoy the vibrant Lisbon/Cascais summer experience.

Learning goals:

  • Understanding the entrepreneurial process, based on real-life cases;
  • Applying innovation methods to address current social challenges;
  • Realizing student’s own leadership potential as an entrepreneur;
  • Understanding the specific entrepreneurial ecosystem of Lisbon;
  • Making sound choices about their future education and career.

Status: finished in January 2018

CEMS is a Global Alliance of 31 leading business schools, over 70 multinational companies and 7 NGOs that together offer the CEMS MIM, Master's in International Management.

The Responsible Global Leadership Challenge was a two-day seminar that brought together representatives from Corporate and Social partners, CEMS professors and students, for an experiential learning opportunity.

CEMS students had the opportunity to explore personal responsibility in the context of being a future leader/manager, starting to better understand their personal values, their impact on decision making, and how this in turn affects other people and society.

Status: finished in April 2018

This program was developed together with Nova University rectory and had the goal of promoting the training of four African universities in order to better respond to the social and economic challenges of the regions where they operate, promoting local development in a sustainable and inclusive way.

The participants were 32 faculty members from four African partner universities: Universidade Agostinho Neto (Luanda), Universidade Katyavala Bwila (Benguela), a Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Maputo) and Universidade Lúrio (Nampula) and four knowledge areas: Economics, Social Sciences, Health and Engineering.

Students testimonials:
“The experience in social entrepreneurship has been fantastic, and it will be passed on to my students and colleagues through seminars.”
Fidel Bilika, Universidade Lúrio (2018)