We can be your organization’s academic partner, providing access to the latest thinking and knowledge in Finance. We offer a range of solutions tailor-made to suit your company, from a short-term consultancy package to a long-term partnership.

The services available include:

  • Advisory in M&A, MBOs, LBOs, joint ventures and alliances
  • Valuation of companies and/or investment projects
  • Development of business plans
  • Financial restructuring of companies and/or groups
  • Support for equity and/or debt-raising projects
  • Support for application to European Community incentives (QREN, Portugal 20-20, etc.)
  • Support for financial negotiations, arbitration and litigation processes
  • Portfolio management and valuation
  • Derivatives valuation
  • Financial risk management

A DRI comprises an individual dissertation established on a given organization in which the student is doing an internship. The DRI must have a problem solving format or research approach to an empirical question to be addressed and also include the following aspects:

  • Objectives of the internship, with relevant academic and/or business oriented literature review
  • Analysis methodology
  • Proposed solution for the organization, based on literature review
  • A list of themes and professors will be available in this WP category (DRI) on Moodle. Students may also find an internship that complies with the DRI’s guidelines and ask for MO responsible for WPs ( support to find a suitable academic advisor
  • The DRI projects are focused on current high-impact organizational problems that the student may face in the professional future and offers the possibility to integrate distinct knowledge areas.

The Private Equity Challenge proposes a Master's Thesis in the form of an Investment Committee Paper (“ICP”), such as is usually produced by deal teams at leading Private Equity funds, seeking approval for an Investment by their Investment Committees.

As in real life, this paper will be presented to a group of Investment Professionals, Nova SBE Faculty and distinguished Alumni who will challenge the deal team and make a decision on the investment.

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Our Research Team is exclusively formed by Nova SBE Master's in Finance students and the equity research notes produced and published here correspond to their Work Project, for which they are the sole and exclusive responsible.

Thus, our equity research notes are not investment recommendations, as defined by Article 12.º A of the Código do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (Securities Market Code). The students of Nova SBE are not registered with Comissão de Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (CMVM) as financial analysts, financial intermediaries or entities/persons offering any service of financial intermediation, to which Regulamento (Regulation) 3º/2010 of CMVM would be applicable.

Explore the Equity Research Notes, here.

Learn by doing

Initiatives in Finance

We believe that dynamic students learn by doing. How do we know this? By the quantity and quality of their many initiatives. These are a major component of their development, so we fully support the successful and wide range of activities in Finance they come up with, like the Nova Investment Club, a students’ run-club.

As part of the Master's in Finance Work Project, our students prepare, on a regular basis, equity research notes on some of the most relevant international corporates. Our students’ research notes are published on Nova SBE’s page of Bloomberg Professional (Nova SBE is a Contributor to Bloomberg) and on our site.

Nova Investment Club

Nova Investment Club

As members of the Nova Investment Club, we share the vision of getting students acquainted with financial markets and the field of corporate finance by creating, sharing, and promoting financial knowledge at Nova School of Business & Economics; hence establishing a sense of unity and solidarity that we will pass on from class to class.

Nova Students’ Portfolio

Nova Students’ Portfolio

A proof of how successful partnerships create innovative solutions. The Nova Students Portfolio consists in a team of 16 students which run an active portfolio of $350.000.