Work at Nova SBE

Nova SBE is a dynamic business and economics school. We are engaged in searching for highly-qualified professionals who thrive in a fast-paced institution.

How’s the Staff journey at Nova SBE

The Faculty journey at Nova SBE

Working at Nova SBE has allowed me to grow personally and professionally, in an environment with an excellent work-life balance, where I have been able to develop personally challenging and innovative projects with an impact on the organization and the community.

Frederico Pinto

My work experience at Nova SBE can be described in three concepts: constant learning and development; participation in projects that aim to create impact in society, and immersion in a very dynamic and people-oriented culture.

José Alvim

After seven months of joining Nova SBE, I am very happy with my career choice. The students are excellent, and care about their grades, but, more importantly, they care about each other and the world. Although I consider myself predominantly a researcher, Nova SBE students have restored my love of teaching.

Jenny Hoobler

I chose Nova SBE because of its commitment to staying at the forefront of academic research and providing faculty with the resources and support needed to excel in our field. The school offers a stimulating environment that encourages collaboration and fosters the development of new ideas.

Virginia Gianinazzi