Master's Programs

Application to Isolated Curricular Units

Students from other NOVA University Lisbon faculties, and other higher education universities, can apply for the Nova SBE Bachelor’s and Master’s isolated curricular units as external students.

The acceptance of applications for isolated curricular units is subject to the available vacancies and the evaluation of the candidate’s curriculum (based on their background and aligned with the requirements of the courses they wish to attend).

An external student who wishes to enroll in Master's courses may enroll in a maximum of two courses per semester, four courses per year. However, only elective courses are available. Additionally, an external student will be able to register for four more courses in the following academic year. Nevertheless, the external students’ admission will have to be analyzed and authorized by the Master’s Academic Director.

First Semester

Applications: to be announced

Enrollment: to be announced

Second Semester

Applications: December 2 to December 21, 2020

Enrollment: to be announced

  • Applications for isolated curricular units must be made via email  to alongside the required listed documentation;

  • After analyzing all the documents, a form is sent to the candidate with the available isolated curricular units;

  • After receiving the form, the application is evaluated so it can eventually be accepted.

  • External Students

    • Full course  -  1500€ per curricular unit

    • Short course - 750€ per curricular unit

  • Alumni

    • Full course - 370€ per curricular unit

    • Short course - 300€ per curricular unit

  • Copy of ID/Passport

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Certificate or current transcript with a description of courses taken, ECTS, and grades

  • Other relevant documents such as diplomas, certifications, and recommendation letters that may be useful to certify your qualifications and curriculum

Disclaimer: when choosing the isolated curricular units, students must comply with each isolated curricular unit's requirements. Students who do not meet the requirements may attend the curricular unit by means of a written requirement and prior authorization by the head of the isolated curricular unit.


Applications for the isolated curricular units in the second semester are open.

For more information, please contact us by emailing