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Since 2011, NOVAFRICA is shaped by a highly qualified team from diverse backgrounds and a broad range of areas of expertise, on a mission to produce top-quality economic and management research. Our goal is to create and share valuable knowledge that can create real impact on business and economic development in Africa, to improve people’s day-to-day lives.

We take action through policy recommendations, operational and strategic advice to companies and organizations, consultancy and capacity building in Africa, working in close collaboration with Governments, the Private sector, and NGOs. Sharing our knowledge and expertise across stakeholders, we strive to make a tangible difference in African communities.

Our close affinity with Portuguese speaking African countries, makes us focus our efforts in Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Sao Tome and Principe.

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At least one

annual international conference held every year since 2011, with a total of 75+ speakers, including a Nobel Prize winner and 200+ participants from all over the world.


seminars on economic development. More than 30 research projects and impact evaluations in the lives and businesses of thousands of Mozambicans, Guineans, and Angolans.


employes several dozens of recent graduates from Mozambican universities and Nova SBE, besides supervising 50+ research internships in Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique.

Scientific expertise

in 23 published articles in top peer-reviewed journals, 20 working papers, four book chapters, seven policy reports, and more research to be published on an ongoing basis.

Funded with over 6.5€ million

by USAID, World Bank, International Growth Center, Institute for the Study of Labor, Islamic Development Bank, MIT and other international donors.

Various other partnerships

in Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Angola, with Universities, Governments, the private sector, independent foundations and NGOs, which strengthen relations and generate strong local impact.

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Research on the move for new knowledge

Research on the move for new knowledge

In NOVAFRICA we always go the extra mile for knowledge, to make life better in the African countries we’re working on. Take a closer look at our projects and get to know our work better. 

Sharing scientific knowledge with the world

Sharing scientific knowledge with the world

As a result of our research activities, the Center produces both academic publications of relevance to the development process, and publications that are applied in nature – including those that contribute to manager training or the design of public policies.

Who is behind our Knowledge Center

Who is behind our Knowledge Center

The right team makes all the difference. We have highly qualified and enthusiastic people from all corners of the world, working at NOVAFRICA. 

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Step up to improve people's lives

Whether you are interested in joining NOVAFRICA team as a volunteer or want to sponsor our mission with a donation, your help is always very welcome! You can reach us by visiting our Campus in Carcavelos or through the following contacts.