Building a knowledge-driven European Hub in Social Innovation Research

ERA Chairs are part of a set of measures by the EU that tackle internal disparities in terms of research and innovation performance. These consist of positions established at universities or other eligible research institutions with proven potential and concrete plans to develop research excellence. The ERA Chairs are available for outstanding researchers and research managers, allowing the development, in a particular field, of the level of excellence required to compete internationally and effectively widen participation successfully. Thus, these actions allow universities and institutions to attract outstanding academics with proven research excellence and management skills while implementing structural changes necessary to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis.

With the ERA Chair, Nova SBE aims to address the complexity of today's societal grand challenges and the transformative power of innovative ideas, prompting Social Innovation as an urgent call on a global level, from both practice and research.

We expect this project to impact the Social Innovation Ecosystem and be a valuable contribution to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. A new research area on Social Innovation at Nova SBE will be established, including defining research priorities, securing research funds, and establishing international collaborations and networks while introducing the school's necessary sustainable structural changes.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 951735.

A school with a role to play

Nova SBE’s mission is to be a community dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that impacts the world. Our academic reach focuses on three key areas of intervention: education, community engagement, and research.

As a school, we aim to stay at the forefront of innovation, sustaining excellence, and rigor while preparing the leaders of tomorrow to contribute to an open, sustainable, and more inclusive world. We do so by fostering expertise that impacts the world and by being a meeting point where societal forces around the world can develop and co-create innovative projects.

The ERA Chair holder will have an active voice and a decisive role in our school’s research strategy. Nova SBE will, therefore, act as a living lab where you can test-drive, improve, and implement your project and get total support for any future needs.

Apply for a position

Applications for the ERA Chair holder are now open!

The ERA Chair holder position targets senior researchers with a strong scientific background and international reputation in Social Innovation and/or related research fields, such as Strategy, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship.

The project aims to promote the school's and its community engagement in the social innovation ecosystem, create measurable impact by collecting data, and support the European Agenda in this area to help solve important societal challenges.

The ERA Chair holder will be responsible for establishing a research strategy in Social Innovation at Nova SBE, which includes defining research priorities, securing research funds, creating an international network, and developing partnerships with different organizations.

To apply and know more, visit the page below.

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