Ph.D. at Nova SBE

Pushing the frontiers of knowledge

Nova SBE doctoral programmes provide a solid theoretical and methodological basis, preparing Ph.D. candidates to develop independent research in several areas of expertise.

The programmes are held in a vibrant research environment and promote the inclusion of candidates in ongoing research projects. This is underpinned by the belief that the quality of doctoral training and research are intimately connected.

How to Apply

PhD Applications Intake 2024-25

The PhD Intake applications are open from November 1 to January 31. We recommend the submission of applications as early as possible.

Why Nova SBE?

Three reasons to do your research with us

Research excellence

Research seminar series get students acquainted with the research agenda of the faculty. Students can then present their work and get feedback from faculty members.

Distinctively international

Candidates spend at least one semester abroad and can benefit from several exchange agreements in place. Our faculty is well connected with leading research institutions across the world and will help you place your work into an international context.

Effective placement

Faculty members at Nova SBE are experienced in advanced training, specifically in advising doctoral students. Our recent graduates got positions in prestigious international institutions, as well as Portuguese higher-education and public institutions.


Discover the available PhDs at Nova SBE

Ph.D. in Economics | Finance

Ph.D. in Economics | Finance

Our Ph.D. graduates are familiar with the state-of-the-art of both theoretical and empirical tools in Economics and Finance. After completing a Ph.D., graduates will be able to advance the frontier of research and provide evidence-based policy recommendations.

The first 2 years of this 4 year-program will be dedicated to the completion of our courses. After that stage, graduates will be fully prepared to embark on their research journey. On our weekly Ph.D. Research Workshops graduates will have the chance to present their work as it progresses, and will also participate in research seminars on a regular basis.

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Ph.D. in Management

Ph.D. in Management

Doing a Ph.D. in Management at Nova SBE is a passport for a different professional world. It develops independence and accountability. We will test your resilience in one of our seven areas of research in Management.

Our Ph.D. students are exposed to ground-breaking ideas and research developed by top scholars from all over the world who participate in the regular Research Seminars organized by Nova SBE’s research unit.

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peer review articles
peer review articles
articles published in top journals
articles published in top journals
Study at NOVA SBE has been a unique opportunity to cultivate a comprehensive and contemporary vision on Management while using innovative scientific tools.

Alexandre Lourenço, Hospital Administrator and Ph.D. in Management Candidate



Faculty & Research

Changing the world one thesis at a time

Research is central to our culture because it allows us to have a positive impact in the world. Over the past years, we’ve developed several entrepreneurship projects with companies, as well as social initiatives that have positively impacted the community.