Seminar on Policy Analysis in Health: Methods and Applications - <p>The event starts with a crash course on marginal effects by&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Marcelo Coca Perraillon</a>&nbsp;from the University of Colorado. There will also be three paper presentations followed by discussion and...</p>
FIRMA & Future Award | CALL FOR APLICATIONS - <p>This prize is an initiative to promote excellence in several areas, focusing on different national challenges and regions of Portugal, fostering territory cohesion and social peace while valuing human...</p>
Create your own Startup! - <p>AllStartup is a unique opportunity designed to find you a committed and talented co-founder quickly. The participants must create balanced teams and develop a business idea proposed by Demium...</p>
Data Science for Social Good Portugal: Presentation Event (Lisbon) - <p>In this meeting, Data Science for Social Good Portugal will present themselves to the community and talk about their current and future projects. They will be recruiting volunteers! Know more <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
The Globotics Upheaval | Richard Baldwin - ...
2019 Lisbon Accounting Conference - <p>The Lisbon Accounting Conference brings together leading accounting researchers in an informal setting for a one-day conference of high-quality academic papers in financial accounting. Learn...</p>
Innovathon - Ocean Edition | Call for Applications - <p>Innovathon is a technology marathon around the challenges associated with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nations. Your mission is to build new...</p>
WikiData Days 2019 - <p>This event aims to bring together people interested in Open Data and Open Science projects. The focus will be on exchanging ideas and good practices. &nbsp;Is a free event, but you need to <a href="" target="_blank">register</a>.</p>
Ocean Talks - <p><strong>The 2<sup>nd</sup> edition of the Ocean Talks will take place on June 7<sup>th</sup> at Museu do Mar, in Cascais.</strong>&nbsp;These talks, which gather a group of renowned speakers from the environmental and marine life areas,...</p>
Economic Applications of Quantile Regressions 2.0 - <p>The journal <em>Empirical Economics</em> is organizing a special issue on economic applications of quantile regression intended to follow up on the special issue that was published in 2001 and reprinted by...</p>