Everything you need to know

We know that there is a lot of information to process before considering studying abroad, but don’t worry. Find out everything you need to know about your exchange. If you have any other questions, we’re here to help.

How will my semesters be organized?

Each program lasts a semester.

Before each semester, exchange students can choose the programs they would like to take from our list of available courses.

First-Cycle Programs

Each first-cycle program covers the whole semester, with three 90-minute sessions per week for each course.

Second-Cycle Programs

There are two sorts of second-cycle program:

  • half-courses, covering half of a semester (one 90 minute class per week);
  • full-courses covering an entire semester (two 90 minute classes per week).

Additionally to classes, the professors have an open-office time for individual discussions ,and there is also a peer tutoring program available to help you succeed in your courses. 

Assessment Methods

For us, students are not an audience who just sits and listens. We work to provide a dynamic working environment, where everyone’s contribution is valuable. More than just learning, students should be given a space for questioning and debating real-life related subjects.

Tests and exams are important, but the grades are also based on a student’s interest and participation in class, coursework, and other evaluations.

At least 50% of the final grade is based on individual written work.
Specific guidelines for each course evaluation are offered by the Course Instructor at the beginning of the academic period.


There are two turns of exams for undergraduate students, while Masters’ students have one final exam for each course. Bachelors’ students can only take 2 exams in the second turn.