We want to change the world…

And we will do it with the right people

For 40 years we’ve been putting an effort on creating positive international impact. Our investment in research has created solutions that people can use real on their day to day lives, contributing to a closer relationship with society and our stakeholders.

We focus our research on three primary disciplinary areas - Economics, Finance, and Management – and strive to find solutions for our society. We want to transform the world and dare to aim higher and higher. We will strengthen our community with professionals who don’t settle for the status quo and want to make a difference.

We focus on our students. We want to inspire them daily to adopt a curious, proactive and engaged attitude. For that, we count on a faculty who believes in their students and raises the bar at each given challenge.

Together, we can be part of a dynamic, sustainable and ever evolving global community.


What’s a School without its professors?

A team of excellence

Our team consists of professors from 25 nationalities. 85% of our resident faculty has gotten their PhD’s from the most renowned American and European universities.

A commitment with the future

Students from today will be driving transformation in the world tomorrow. That’s why we take pride on our faculty which, through a dynamic and rigorous teaching method, will not only motivate and inspire students, but also engage with them.

Beyond the classroom

Our core faculty collaborates with visiting professors from many different fields. This way, we ensure that we are bringing cutting-edge knowledge and diversity of thought to our classrooms, offering students a privileged connection to the business world.


Knowledge Centers

We believe that creating and spreading knowledge is an important tool to evolve into a more enlightened society, and that’s why we count on eight Knowledge Centers. Each one with its specific approach, their goal is to answer important questions, both for today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Research Unit

Research as a lever

Research is central to our culture, because it allows us to have a positive impact in the world.

Despite the research diversity inherent in the three primary disciplinary areas - Economics, Finance, and Management - Nova SBE integrates all its researchers into a single Research Unit with cross-disciplinary orientation, recognizing the variety and multiplicity of research taking place in the school.

We are aware that working in a stimulating environment is a key factor for top quality research. That’s why we are fully committed to offering outstanding conditions to our researchers.

We believe that the work and projects we develop, as well as our conferences and seminars, add value to the community. And, acknowledging its quality, the Research Unit has been classified as “Excellent” in every external evaluation conducted by international panels.

Nova SBE Research Unit is funded by:

Social Sciences DataLab (research infrastructure) if funded by

What we’re looking for

Passion for teaching

Students are a lever for change. We’re looking for people who view the challenge of revealing students’ full potential as a personal mission.

Constantly up to date

You need to be up to date with today’s world and its future challenges to ensure your teaching is relevant and applicable.

Think outside the box

Teaching in a innovative and creative way, to ensure the best learning experience possible.


Social Sciences DataLab

The Social Sciences DataLab provides free access to a complete set of bibliographic and statistical databases, crucial to develop advanced research in Social Sciences, with a focus on Economics, Finance and Management.