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FinTech Report - <p>O primeiro&nbsp;FinTech Report&nbsp; analisa o ecosistema das FinTech em Portugal e Espanha (Ibéria) e em África.</p>
Mestrado em Finanças sobe 7 posições na classificação mundial - <p>Mestrado Internacional em Finanças da Nova SBE Classificado como 14.&ordm; Melhor do Mundo e o 12.&ordm; na Europa, continuando a liderar o topo da classificação em Portugal!</p>
We are proud to announce that among the 25 chosen specialists are 3 Nova SBE Professors - <p>Miguel Ferreira, Susana Peralta and João Amador (also from Banco de Portugal), and 5 Nova SBE Alumni: Miguel Faria e Castro (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), Professor Francisca Guedes de Oliveira,...</p>
Miguel Ferreira was named president of the European Finance Association (EFA) in 2020 - <p>After the biggest academic finance conference in Europe took place at <strong>Nova SBE</strong> in August 2019, Miguel Ferreira replaced Marcin Kacperczyk from Imperial College London as head of the Association&#39;s...</p>
The national economy experienced the so-called "export miracle" - <p>In a interview with <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Jornal de Negócios</em></a>, <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Miguel Ferreira</strong></a>, co-author of the study <em>Surviving the Perfect Storm: Exports, Budgetary Austerity and Business Heterogeneity</em> with Manuel Adelino, from Duke...</p>
Reducing IMI increases the rate of business creation - <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Miguel Ferreira</strong> and <strong>João Pereira dos Santos</strong>, together with Ana Venâncio (ISEG), conducted a study that assessed the consequences of reducing the IMI maximum rate in 2018, measure included in...</p>
The effectiveness of Montante Único - ...
UNL Rectory organized the second edition of NOVA Science Day on September 18 - <p>This year&#39;s edition was dedicated to the talent of NOVA, in particular to researchers who have already been awarded grants from the European Research Council (ERC), as was the case of <b>Miguel...</b></p>
Lisbon Economics and Statistics of Education (LESE) - <p>Nova SBE researchers attended&nbsp; the Lisbon Economics and Statistics of Education (LESE), the 5th&nbsp;<a href="">Lisbon Research Workshop on Economics, Statistics, and Econometrics of Education</a>, on Jan 24-25...</p>
Newcomer CEOs: Performing in times of crisis - <p><strong>José Tavares, João Amador </strong>and<strong> Sharmin Sazedj</strong> (PhD candidate in Economics|Finance) published the article &ldquo;<a href="">Newcomer CEOs: Performing in times of crisis</a>&rdquo;, in VOX (, the CEPR (Centre...</p>
Destaques . 11 novembro 2020 FinTech Report

O primeiro FinTech Report  analisa o ecosistema das FinTech em Portugal e Espanha (Ibéria) e em África.

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