Master's in Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know concerning your Master’s at Nova SBE.

Admissions criteria

Candidates fromwith a strong quantitative background. However, if you have limited quantitative skills you may need to complete bridging courses in August.

Professional experience is NOT a requirement to be admitted.

This program is pre-experience and we would prefer to receive applications from candidates with less than two years’ professional experience and equal or below 26 years of age. However, we are certainly willing to consider older applicants who present a similar pre-experience profile - contact the Student Recruitment & Admissions Office to confirm your elegibility

Our Master’s programs are pre-experience, for students with less than two years of professional experience and under 26 years old. This means that the program is a continuation of undergraduate studies, preparing students for the job market with the help of the Career Services Team, and with a class of students averaging 21/22 years old.

The Lisbon MBA is aimed at professionals with at least three years of professional experience (full-time). MBAs are for graduates from any discipline who want to receive in-depth managerial training.

More info about The Lisbon MBA.

Admissions process

Applications for the Master’s programs 2020/21 will run from January 8 until June 15, except for the Double Degree (January to March) and CEMS (January to April)

If you are interested in doing a Master’s at Nova SBE, follow these simple steps:

1. Complete the online application form.

2. If necessary, an interview will be requested.

3. You will receive an answer by email within a maximum of 8 weeks of your application submission.

Yes, you will be requested to pay an enrolment fee of €51 (non-refundable fee).

Yes, you will be requested to pay a non-refundable enrolment fee of 1000€ for the Master’s in Management/Economics/Finance/Business Analytics. Enrolment in the International Programs (Double Degree and CEMS MIM programs) becomes effective after the payment of an additional 1500€ non-refundable fee. Both fees will be deducted from the total tuition fee and are non-refundable.

The tuition fees are charged in identical installments per semester, except for the first one because the enrolment fee will be deducted from the first installment. 

If you have not yet finished your undergraduate studies you do not need the official transcript. However, if accepted, you will need to deliver it to the Master’s Office no later than the beginning of the program.

We have no established minimum GPA and do not admit by GPA alone. We conduct a full review of all applications, in which GPA is one of many several factors in your CV.

Yes, you can, but you will have to finish the missing course during the first semester of your Master’s.

No, the GMAT or GRE are not necessary. However, if you have taken the test, you can add the results in your applications. 

Proof of English proficiency is not required but is encouraged for the regular Master’s and it is mandatory to show proficiency at C1 level, minimum, for the International Master’s in Finance and Management.
For CEMS MIM candidates, advanced level English language proficiency is required. Click here for details.

Nova SBE doesn't accept online language certificates and high school diplomas.

Students wishing to withdraw from the degree program are required to send a confirmation by email to and by June 15th 2020. After this date, students may be held accountable for paying any tuition and fees associated with the program.

Admitted students can defer for up to one year. They must inform the school until the enrolment fee payment deadline and each case, to be accepted, will be subject to analysis by the Student Recruitment & Admissions Office. Not respecting this deadline or making an unsuccessful request to defer will require the submission of a new application.

Students wishing to defer from the degree program are required to send an email to, after the enrolment fee payment with a justification of their desire and respective proof in attach.

Students who postpone their masters and have scholarships will lose them, as well as their Double Degree slot.

The defer may be subject to a re-entry fee.

All invoices are addressed to the student unless the student specifically states that a different entity is responsible for the tuition fee payments, either in part or in full. For instance, a student may have obtained a sponsorship or scholarship from a particular company or organization. In this case, the school needs to prepare the respective invoices accordingly. Receipts made out to a third party must be communicated in the enrolment form.

No, transfers at Master's level are not accepted.


Yes, all Nova SBE Master's are entirely taught in English, including class work, exams, support materials, and work projects.

No, Portuguese language knowledge is not required to be admitted.

Yes, Nova SBE offers basic level Portuguese language courses.

Online application

Check the online application instructions available on the application form page. If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Recruitment & Admissions Office.

Add only one PDF or Zip File per section (max. 3 MB per file). The maximum filename length is 65 characters. If the problem persists, please contact the Student Recruitment & Admissions Office.

No. After you submit your application, you may no longer change your record.

International Master’s in Finance

Once the online application form becomes available, you have to select the International Master’s in Finance Program. Please keep in mind that at this stage we will check your eligibility to join the program,and inform you if you will be become accepted or not. 

Yes. In order to apply for this program it is mandatory to upload a proof of English proficiency at minimum C1 level (or as mother tongue) and a proof for a second foreign language at minimum A2 level (or as mother tongue). These documents are required before submitting your application.

Yes. In order to graduate, you will have to present proof of your C1 level in English, your B1 level in a second foreign language (minimum) and an International experience completed during your Master's outside Portugal, outside the country where the Bachelor’s degree was obtained and/or outside the student nationality(ies) (10-weeks minimum).

You may submit proof of a language course you have previously taken at A2 level or above.

Nova SBE doesn't accept online language certificates.

No, we cannot accept foreign language credit from your high school studies.

No. However you will be required to sign a bilingual honor statement. 

Please requires this document to the Student Recruitment & Admissions Office. 


No, the CEMS MIM is a joint program in conjunction with one of the Nova SBE Master's.

No, you apply for the CEMS MIM program at the same time as you apply for a Nova SBE Master’s. You will need to submit two applications forms: the Nova SBE application form and the CEMS MIM application form available at, under “Portugal”. However, you will only be called for CEMS MIM assessment once admitted to a Nova SBE Master’s.

For non-native English speakers, advanced English language proficiency is required. You will need one of the following certificates:

TOEFL iBT minimum score –100
IELTS minimum score – 7.0
CPE minimum grade of C
CAE minimum grade of B
BEC Higher minimum grade of B
Have passed one of the CEMS-accredited local English exams
A-level GCSE issued in Singapore
University degree taught entirely in English and validated by the CEMS Office

You can send an email to the CEMS Office ( .

International tracks

Applications for international tracks are made at the same time as the regular Master’s application. Please keep in mind that at this stage we will only ask if you are interested in one of our international tracks. After being accepted, the selection processes will be conducted for Double Degree, and CEMS MIM.

On your second semester. In addition to the regular program, the exchange program may require an additional semester.