Finance PhD Pitch Perfect

Through this event, Finance PhD students will be able to present their raw ideas and receive feedback from assigned Coaches at an earlier stage of their research.


What is Finance PhD Pitch Perfect?

The goal is to help the students with developing their unpolished ideas into research papers and coach them on:

  • What makes a research question worthwhile to pursue?
  • How to attack a research question?
  • How to pitch an early-stage idea?

Finance PhD Pitch Perfect also aims to facilitate potential collaboration between Coaches and students. Coaches will guide the students by discussing the presented idea as well as by answering their questions about how to conduct research in Finance in general.

This may also be an opportunity for the students to find co-authors among their peers.

How to apply?

Meetings will be held online.

There will be 8 sessions, 8 mentors, 16 ideas. Each group will have 2 mentors, 4 ideas to be presented in 2 back-to-back sessions. Each session will have 80 minutes followed by a 10-minute break.

The event will be open to all students, including those working on their JMP or a second paper.

Students can submit their ideas within the following areas through the online application form:

  • Empirical CF; Theoretical CF; Empirical AP; Theoretical AP; Banking/Fintech; Household Finance and Behavioral Finance

Selected ideas will be matched with volunteer Coaches that are experts in the field.


In the online application form, students shall provide information such as:

  • Preliminary title of the future paper related to the idea (limit: 100 characters with spaces)
  • Description of the research question in one paragraph (limit: 1,000 characters with spaces)
  • Why is this question important to tackle? (limit: 1,000 characters with spaces)
  • What is the contribution of the idea to the existing literature? (limit: 1,000 characters with spaces)


Finance PhD Events

Finance PhD Pitch Perfect

Submission period: from 15 October to 30 November 2020

Preliminary Program: 31 December 2020

Online meetings: 29 January 2021

Please note that there are only 16 slots available.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a few answers to some of the questions we have been frequently asked by PhD Students regarding the Finance PhD Pitch Perfect.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

By the end of December.

At least for this first year (2020/2021), we will be holding it online.

The sessions of PhD Pitch Perfect are organized in small groups of 6 (2 mentors + 4 students) and they won't be open to public.

After receiving all participants' consent, we will be recording the sessions. However, these recordings won't be shared with anyone outside of the organizing committee.

There will be 16 slots available.


For more information, reach out to:

Susana Gonzalez (Organizing team):

Professor Irem Demirci (Academic team):

Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center