Finance PhD Final Countdown

Finance PhD Students will present their JMPs and receive more detailed feedback from Coaches at a later stage of their research before submitting their packages.


Finance PhD Final Countdown


Submission period: from 15 March to 23 July 2021

Preliminary Program: 6 August 2021

Online meetings: 20 August 2021

What is Finance PhD Final Countdown?

The main goal of this event is to help students prepare themselves for the job market and coach them on:

  • How to write an academic paper?
  • How to present a JMP?
  • How to frame the research question?
  • How to answer the questions in a job market seminar?

Finance PhD Final Countdown also aims to facilitate potential collaboration between Coaches and students as well as among students themselves.

How will it work?

  • Meetings will be held online in back-to-back format in large groups.
  • Each session will be composed of 2 presentations, each of which will be devoted a total of 60 minutes with interruptions.
  • Sessions will be open to all PhD students regardless of whether their paper is on the program or not.
  • Junior PhD students are encouraged to attend the sessions and benefit from the feedback of our Coaches.
  • Registration is required for both PhD Students who want to apply and present their paper, and those who only want to attend session. Both should use the online registration form.

How to apply?

The event is open to all students who are in a later stage in their doctoral studies (i.e., will be on the market this year or next year).

Students can submit their papers in all areas of Finance including but not limited to: Empirical and Theoretical Corporate Finance; Empirical and Theoretical Asset Pricing; Banking; Fintech;  Household Finance, and Behavioral Finance.

Selected papers will be matched with volunteer Coaches that are experts in the respective field.

The event will host 4 sessions, 8 papers and 8 Coaches in total.

Students can submit their applications using the online registration form providing the paper and CV.


How to register as an attendee?

Junior PhD students are encouraged to attend the sessions and benefit from the feedback of our Coaches.

In order to attend the sessions (i.e, attend but not present a paper), students must register through this form, filling in the applicable fields.


Alan D. Crane
Associate Professor of Finance, Rice Business Jones School of Business
Jan Bena
Associate Professor of Finance, Bank of Montreal Chair in International Finance Sauder School of Business
Jessie Wang
Assistant Professor of Finance, W. P. Carey School of Business
Justin Birru
Associate Professor of Finance, The Ohio State University
Laurent Frésard
Professor of Finance, Universita della Svizzera italiana
Pedro Saffi
Associate Professor, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Richard Lowery
Associate Professor of Finance, McCombs School of Business University of Texas
Marcin Kacperczyk
Professor of Finance, Imperial College London and CEPR


July 23rd, 2021

July 30th, 2021

At least for this first year (2020/2021), we will be holding it online.

We will select 8 papers for this year’s Final Countdown

Sessions will be open to all PhD students. Registration is required.


For more information, reach out to:

Susana Gonzalez (Organizing team):

Professor Irem Demirci (Academic team):

Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center