Luís Campos e Cunha
Luís Campos e Cunha

Ph.D. at Columbia University (NYC); Academic careermostly at Nova SBE; Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal (1996-2002); Finance andState Minister for a brief period in 2005; Chairman of Conselho Fiscal at BancoSantander Totta (2010-2015); Non-Executive Board Member and Chairman of theAuditing Committee at Banco Santander Totta, since 2015. President of SEDES(2010-16); Vice President of Fundação Serralves (2006-2015); Vice Chairman ofFundação CCB (2012-14); Chairman and founder of AiR 351- art residence (anon-profit association for the arts).

Regularkey-note speaker at conferences and business meetings, both in Portugal andabroad. Columnist for Jornal Público between 2007-12; Regularly interviewed byleading newspapers and TV-stations. Hobbies: Painting andphotography; Modern and contemporary Art.

"Agregação";Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Ph.D. in Economics; Columbia University Economics; Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Real appreciation and BoP policies; International Trade.

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