The Initiative

Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) and Westmont Hospitality Group (WHG), a global hotel owner-operator, have come into an exciting partnership to develop and promote education in hospitality, tourism, and service management.

Through excellence, innovation, and impact at the core of its mission, the Westmont Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (WITH) will bring a unique offering by combining practical hospitality knowledge within an academic and entrepreneurial setting. WITH will be a knowledge-based platform located at the Nova SBE Carcavelos Campus to diversify the school's ecosystem by providing young professionals and executives strong skills for the future. 

WITH will focus on creating and preparing the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, using hospitality as a function towards service excellence.  WITH will also focus on developing sustainable tourism in African countries as a vital component of economic growth for developing countries.

WITH hopes to create strong global leaders who can share their knowledge locally and around the world. Aiming to develop a leading institute in hospitality and tourism in all aspects of this multi-faceted industry, WITH will provide students with knowledge and expertise to prosper and understand hospitality as a relevant purpose in so many countries many industries today.

This partnership reinforces the fundamental role that hospitality plays and how it can bring innovative approaches that will help students and professionals to act quickly and incisively.

...Hospitality is an integrated concept in the hospitality industry, while tourism is the set of experiences and peripheral activities that have hospitality as a tool. As part of the partnership with Nova SBE, we will cover both areas and we will take the knowledge of hospitality and service management to other industries.

Majid Mangalji
Westmont Hospitality Group President & Founder

In the future, digital and technology will be fundamental, but more than that we will have to be able to serve, to create unique experiences with an emotional impact on our customers. It will be a decisive success factor. This agreement helps us to bring to Nova SBE, in an innovative way, all the hospitality skills of the hospitality industry so that we can take them to other areas: retail, banking, health.

Daniel Traça
Nova SBE Dean

The Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality wants to use hospitality as a way of promoting a better world by transforming the principles of hospitality to all service management areas.

Sergio Guerreiro
WITH Director

The projects included in this partnership are:


  • To develop and manage organizations with unique customer experiences;
  • To understand current trends in terms of customer behavior and its impact on hospitality and service management;
  • To design human face-to-face exceptional experiences enabled by technology;
  • To incorporate hospitality and service management principles into business operations;
  • To generate and develop new ideas and services to enhance customer experience through an innovation program;


  • Master's in Management:
    • Strategy;
    • HR Management;
    • Marketing;
    • Finance;
    • Statistics
  • Area of Expertise Master's in Management:
    • Introduction to Hospitality;
    • Customer Experience & Service Management;
    • Hospitality Operations;
    • Revenue Management;
    • International Events Management;
    • Marketing Analytics;
    • Innovation Program.

This innovation program integrates the Hospitality & Service Management Area of Expertise on the Master's in Management. It aims to provide students with the tools needed to build strong entrepreneurial mindsets.

The course includes an Innovation Lab through which students will have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, develop their own projects, and even potentially start their own businesses.

This program will have a strong connection to corporate partners who will introduce the challenges.

This Immersion program integrates the Hospitality & Service Management Area of Expertise on the Master's in Management.

Students will have access to leading hospitality & services partners that will teach them solid management skills and offer field experiences through immersion programs

Students will explore these challenges in two immersion programs (2 weeks in a Hotel School + 4 weeks in a hotel or other hospitality-related business).

These talks aim to potentiate the students' connection with the real business world, daily challenges, and future strategy, giving them valuable insights for their career planning & development.

2020 WITH talks:

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

The sustainable development Goals (SDGs) addressed by this initiative are:

Nova SBE Master's in Management

Area of Expertise in Hospitality & Service Management

With this new area of expertise our students will be able to develop and manage organizations with unique customer experiences and to understand current trends in terms of hospitality industry and customer behaviour and their impact in service management.

Hospitality & Service Management students will have access to leading hospitality partners that will teach them solid management skills and offer field experiences through immersion programs and partnerships in hotels and other corporate entities.

This innovative integrated approach, balancing theoretical skills with a strong industry connection and hands on experience will give the students the right set of tools to pursue a global career in hospitality and service management.