EUTOPIA DAY Promotes Dialogue Towards Sustainable Development
Promoted by Nova | 10 May 2024 EUTOPIA DAY Promotes Dialogue Towards Sustainable Development

On May 13, the EUTOPIA Alliance, of which Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL) is a part, will inaugurate EUTOPIA Day. This initiative promotes dialogue around sustainable development, addressing pressing issues such as climate change, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

EUTOPIA Day will feature, from 10 am and in a hybrid format, several initiatives throughout the day, including debate panels and presentations of the main conclusions of the most recent scientific research on the topic.

The event will feature academic experts from the Alliance universities in a collaborative format. They will debate the main challenges and possible solutions, synergies, and ideas to promote a more sustainable planet together.

You can follow what's happening live here.

The complete EUTOPIA Day agenda can be found here.

What's happening