Nova SBE Hosts Debate on the April 25 Revolution
Promoted by Nova | 18 April 2024 Nova SBE Hosts Debate on the April 25 Revolution

As part of the commemorations of April 25's 50th anniversary, Jornal de Negócios and SÁBADO will bring a debate to the Nova SBE campus in Carcavelos. The goal is to understand what young people expect from democracy today.  

The initiative seeks to focus on the importance of April 25 for the generations born after the revolution, what young people consider undone 50 years after the revolution, or what they would have done differently over the last five decades. 

The debate, which will take place at the Fidelidade Creative Studio at Nova SBE, will feature political scientist and writer João Pereira Coutinho, Peace and Sustainable Development program manager Catarina Caria, economists Rui Maciel and Mafalda Rebordão (Nova SBE Alumna) and activist Airton Monteiro. 

The debate will be open to the public and aims to be a debate by young people for young people. It will be broadcast live on the websites and social media platforms (Facebook and YouTube) of SÁBADO and Jornal de Negócios

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