Inclusive Community Forum Showcases Projects for the Inclusion of People With Disabilities
Promoted by Nova | 08 April 2024 Inclusive Community Forum Showcases Projects for the Inclusion of People With Disabilities

On its way to its 5th edition, Inclusive Talks 2024 brings together the community of companies, social organizations, educational institutions, people with disabilities, and their families to showcase the initiatives promoted within the scope of the different projects of the Inclusive Community Forum (ICF), Nova SBE's project dedicated to the lives of people with disabilities with the primary objective to promote a more inclusive community in two main areas: employability and education

In addition to analyzing the activity over the first six years, the impact assessment of the ICF initiatives in the areas of employability and education for people with disabilities will be revealed, as well as the outlook for the future.  

The event, which requires prior registration (here), is free and open to anyone interested in inclusion and disability. 

In the field of employability, the Inclusive Community Forum was responsible, among other achievements, for creating the "Jornada para a Inclusão" [Journey to Inclusion] (a set of initiatives that promote commitment to inclusion, raise awareness and empower companies to recruit people with disabilities, and which, since its inception, has involved 61 companies). The Peer2Peer program, dedicated to preparing people for the job market through a path made in pairs, capacitates people with disabilities and higher education students for the job market. 

Since its establishment in 2018, Peer2Peer has seen the participation of more than 260 people (126 people with disabilities and 136 university students). This year, it will be present in five Higher Education Institutions: Nova SBE, Nova School of Law, Nova Medical School, the Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon, and the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon. 

On the subject of education, the ICF co-created, together with its community, the Journey to Empowerment (a set of projects to empower people with disabilities and teachers that bring together educational institutions, social organizations, and companies as co-creators and promoters of solutions for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in their education and consequent preparation for the job market). 

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