A message of hope and responsability

Carcavelos Campus Reopening

Nova SBE’s most valuable asset is, and will always be, our community. As part of that community, we socialize, work, and always learn with a sense of mutual support that allows us to face challenges.

This academic year,  our learning experience will preferably take place on our campus – a place to and for everyone, where everything happens and where we feel at home.

We will do it having safety as our maximum priority, and it is with pride that I announce that we are the first school bearing the COVID OUT trust certification. This certification is awarded by ISQ and ensures that the processes that allow the control of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 are effective. It also certifies that all locations on campus are safe by monitoring and implementing the campus reopening/back-to-normal plan.

However, complying with the rules defined by the Public Health Authorities and Nova SBE’s Contingency Plan implies some trade-offs. Hence in some classes we will have a blended learning approach.

During this period, we should follow regulation, obey social distancing rules, abide by the Public Health Authorities’ recommendations, and be prepared for the subsequent inconveniences that may come from this situation.

Everyone’s role is fundamental, and each and everyone has a role to play.

We are counting on you so that we can continue our success journey, one that was built by the entire Nova SBE community.

Five Golden Rules

Mask Up

Always wear a clean and dry mask on-campus.


Clean any surface before and after you use it.


Always maintain a safe distance and limit gatherings to a maximum of 5 people​.


Always visibly display your Nova SBE card.


Notify the respective office in case of a suspected case.

Back to Campus


You can find all our recommendations here.



Updated 24 June 2020

Nova SBE Contingency Plan

This document aims to disclose the essential aspects established by NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA) for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), informing the community of Nova SBE about this new disease, which measures are available to prevent and control this infection and what are the procedures and measures to adopt when identifying suspected and/or confirmed cases. 

Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D.'s

Back to Campus Guide

This document will be used as a General Guideline for the Academic and Campus Life during the Fall Semester of 2020/21 for the Nova SBE community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will classes be on-campus?
    Yes, all Programs will have classes on-campus. Some programs will have part of the classes online, the models vary depending on the Program and the Course. For more information please see the Back to Campus Guide. The only situation where all classes will resume to online is in case of a new lockdown.
  • Will on-Campus classes be mandatory or can one choose to do everything online?
    There are no fully online courses. All courses will have at least part of the classes on-Campus. For Students that are not able to join the Campus because of travelling difficulties there will be exceptional solutions for the mandatory courses only in T1. Please contact your Program Manager for further information.
  • What learning models will be used?
    To cope with the reduced capacity of our Campus and our classrooms, some elements of our academic program will be taught on a blended learning format besides the fully presential model.
  • How will the blended learning format work?
    The blended format will be a combination of synchronous (on Campus) and asynchronous (on line) classes. The blended courses will have between 50% and 66% of the classes on Campus.
  • What models will be used in each program?

    Bachelors - As a general rule, all courses in the Bachelor's Programs will be delivered in a hybrid model of remote and presential classes. Information about the specific model that each course will follow will be made available in the Courses' Syllabus available on Moodle.

    Masters – Mandatory Courses for the Master's in Economics and the Master’s in Business Analytics Programs will have all classes for both Mandatory and Elective Courses taught on-campus.The Master’s in Finance and Masters in Management both regular and INternational Programs will be taught in a blended format. All Elective courses will be taught on-campus, with the exception of the Financial Statement Analysis course. In the Course's Syllabus, each Course Instructor will guide Students through the sequence of materials and sessions

    PhD - All activities for the PhD programs will be held on-campus.
  • Will sections be smaller?
    Yes, the size of the sections will be adapted to the classrooms revised capacity. The size of the sections will depend on the type of classroom that will be used for the classes held on Campus.
  • If sections are smaller, will the probability of getting into the courses I want decrease?
    No. The courses offering has been adapted to maintain capacity by increasing the number of sections and adapting the teaching models.
  • Will the academic calendar be the same or will the beginning of classes be postponed?
    The Academic Calendar remains the same both for BSc and MSc Programs, except for the 1st year of BSc that will be postponed according to instructions from the Higher Education Ministry. Classes for 1st year BSc programs will start on October 1, 2020.
  • Will class' schedules be adapted to the new post-COVID-19 reality?
    We are currently working on the Class schedules for the Fall semester 2020/21. We are trying to work on the schedules in order to reduce as much as possible the number of students on Campus at the same time and the agglomeration of students in common areas.
  • Will exams be online or on-campus?
    All Exams for Bachelor's and Master's Programs will be held on Campus in the Fall Semester of 2020/21. Students will have to come to Campus to take their Exams for all courses. As a general rule, there will be no Exams online
  • Are the programs' tuition fees going to be revised?
    No, the program fees will remain the same. Nova SBE is developing all necessary efforts to ensure students can progress with their studies in the best possible conditions, given the current pandemic. We are incurring in high costs and investments to adapt to this reality and improve students' learning experience.
  • If one gets infected or considered at risk and has to quarantine, how she/he will be able to follow classes?
    For the courses that are to be delivered on blended formats there will be a possibility of  having the on-Campus sessions held online. For other courses there will not be this possibility. Students should inform the Academic Services - Special Requests/ Program Managers if such situation occurs.
  • How will the Discovery' weeks (Master's and Bachelor's) take place?
    The Discovery Weeks for both MSc and BSc Programs will be a combination of online and offline experiences (blended model) for this activity to ensure compliance with the health and safety measures whilst promoting the best integration possible.
  • How will the workgroups perform?
    We strongly recommend that workgroups are planned by Students to occur online, on Teams /Zoom in order to comply with social distancing and with Campus regulations.
  • How will workprojects defenses work?
    Work Project presentations/ thesis defenses will be fully online
  • How will the Faculty Office hours work?
    Faculty Office Hours will be done fully online, both for Course Instructors and Teaching Assistants. Details are to be shared in each course's Moodle page.
  • How will the student support services (Student Central, Career and Corporate Placement, IT, …) work?
    All Student Support Services will be available online, and on Campus by appointment. Student Central will remain with daily services on Campus with reduced office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 AM - 2:30PM
    IT online support will be from 8AM to 8PM.
  • Will there be graduation ceremonies? In which format?
    Nova SBE is currently in search of a solution that will allow Graduation Ceremonies to represent a strong experience to our Students, Faculty, Staff and Partners whilst complying with the health and safety norms. We are working together with the Students’ Union and Student Representatives in order to find the best possible solution.
  • If I travel during the semester and cannot come back to Portugal for health reasons, will I be able to progress my studies?
    In a scenario of pandemia, travelling is not recommended. We strongly discourage students from travelling during the semester. For the courses that are delivered on blended formats there will be a possibility of having the synchronous sessions held online. For other courses there will not be the possibility. Students should inform the Academic Services if such situation occur (masters@novasbe.pt or bachelors@novasbe.pt).
  • How will the bridging courses take place?
    The Bridging courses will be fully online in August. The format and details of each course will be shared in the course's Moodle page.
  • Must I attend the bridging courses of my Master's program? Is there an evaluation in the bridging courses? Is there an extra cost?
    The bridging courses aim at providing you with some background needed for your program. It is highly recommended that you attend the Bridging Course(s) indicated specifically for you. There will be a Pass/Fail evaluation. There is no extra cost involved, the bridging courses are part of the Master’s Program.
  • How will the language courses take place?
    We are working to accommodate all language courses on-campus or online. Details will be shared with students as soon as possible.
  • Will International Study Trips be offered as part of the Skills Modules for the Master’s Programs?
    The study trips offering will depend on how the pandemic situation evolves globally. Nova SBE wil always follow the guidelines from the national health authorities as well as the UNL in this respect.
  • Will the Career Fair happen in the Fall Semester?
    Yes, the Career Fair will happen online using a software specific for that purpose.
  • How will the additional semester offered to active students in the Spring Semester 2019-20 work?
    Nova SBE has offered an additional semester free of charge to the students enrolled in our programs in the past semester in order to compensate for the impact that the pandemic has had in their experience. Detailed information about this process is being shared with students who applied for the additional semester. Please contact your Program Manager for more details.
  • Will the exchange programs/international mobility be affected? 
    The exchange programs outgoing, from Nova SBE to other schools, are dependent on the partner schools decisions and the evolution of the pandemic in their specific countries. Nova SBE is in close contact with all partner schools and inform students of any changes to their situation.
  • Will these measures be addapted in the second trimester (T2)?  
    Nova SBE is following the evolution of the pandemic very closely and will adjust the measures when and if necessary, always having as main concern the health and safety of our community and balancing that with the students’ experience.
  • How will classrooms and auditoriums be like in terms of place' allocation?
    All classrooms will be used with the maximum capacity allowed by the rules of safety and social distancing advised by Portuguese Health authorities. In general, the capacity of classrooms has decreased between 50% to 60%. 
  • Is there designated paths on the common areas for circulating?
    Yes, the circulations paths are clearly marked on the floor of the Campus in all common and passage areas. By default, please walk on the right side and respect the physical distance of two meters.
  • Can one use the common spaces freely to study/work?
    The members of the Nova SBE Faculty, Staff and Students can use freely the common spaces for study and work until the maximum capacity of the Campus (now severely reduced).  Group work is not advised considering the need to respect social distancing at all times. There wil be no study rooms open the Fall semester 2020/21.
  • What are the Campus opening and closing hours?
    The Campus opening hours will be from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday, except holidays) and Saturdays. The Campus will be closed on Sunday and on holidays for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Are all Campus entrances open?
    Pedestrian access to Campus will be made through the two entrances – Hovione Atrium or EDP Plaza.
  • Will the Campus be an open space or will it be open only to the Nova SBE community?
    The usage of the Campus during the Fall semester of 2020/21 is to be prioritized for class attendance. To be able to maximize the health and safety of all members of our community: Students, Faculty, Staff, and our Partners that use the Campus daily, the School does not encourage students to use the Campus as a workgroup and study space.
  • Does one need to use her/his Nova SBE ID card all the time?
    Yes, there will be an obligation for all Nova Community members to wear their identity badge at all times on Campus.
  • Will the Campus host conferences, seminars, or similar events?
    The Campus will host this kind of events maintaining the same rules as for the classes, i.e., reduced capacity
  • I do not know how to use or I am experiencing problems with technology. Should I get help on Campus or online?
    You preferably should get help online contacting the helpdesk team via helpdesk@novasbe.pt. They will inform you for the next steps if required.
  • Can I use the Library? How will it work?
    ​The library will be open with reduced capacity and only for Nova SBE community. There will not be free access to books. You will need to request them to staff. All the returned books will be quarantined for at least 3 days before they can be requested again
  • Can I use the computer terminals at the Library? How will it work in terms of hygiene? Is there an online alternative?
    Yes you can use the computer terminals defined to be used at the library . You will have disinfectant wipes to disinfect all the objects before and after any use. With this we want you to feel comfortable about the disinfection of the objects you use.
  • Will restaurants and other services (Pingo Doce & Go, CUF, Gym, Library) be open?
    At the moment Padaria do Bairro, Azure restaurant, Rooftop, Gym and Santander are open. The vending machines (including the one in Pingo Doce & Go) are also running and being regularly supplied. Bringing from home cooked meals and having lunch at the Food Court is also an option, keeping the safety distance at all times. We expect that, by September 2020, all spaces will be open and fully operational.
  • How do you get lunch and dinner on Campus?
    All catering spaces are expected to be operational. We are considering implementing a queue management system (nafila.pt) where you can register and receive an alert 3 numbers before your turn. We are working on other solutions, such as the pre-purchase of tickets in the canteen. Bringing home cooked meals and having lunch at the Food Court is also an option, keeping the safety distance at all times.
  • Will the room doors be closed?
    During the day we recommend, whenever possible (namely due to air drafts) that the doors are kept open in order to minimize contact with common use surfaces (door handles).
  • Inside the rooms,  will the safety distance be marked?
    Yes, there will be signs enforcing the safety distances within the amphitheatres, auditoriums and meeting rooms. At the work stations there should always be a table away from another whenever possible.
  • How will elevators be used?
    The usage of elevators will be exclusive for people with reduced mobility. The stairs should be the first option.
  • Will the microwaves be spread out in different areas to avoid gatherings?
    Yes, we will spread the microwaves in different areas to avoid gatherings.
  • Will international students have to quarantine before starting classes on Campus?
    Nova SBE will follow strictly the recommendations of the Portuguese Health authorities on this subject.
  • Are Nova SBE Staff and Faculty being tested for COVID-19 immunity?
    All Nova SBE Staff and Faculty have been given the possibility of testing for immunity and have been advised to do so.
  • Are Nova SBE students being tested for COVID-19 immunity?
    Yes, the Nova Medical School will soon be providing immunity tests for students, on a volunteer basis. Information to follow once details are made available.
  • If one has COVID related symptoms what should her/him do?
    If the person is on Campus, he/she should go to the Welcome Desk where he/she will be conducted to the isolation room. Please read the Contingency Plan for more details.
    If the person is outside the Campus, he/she should contact SAUDE 24 (808 24 24 24) immediately, follow their instructions and report to us as soon as possible.
  • Are there specific healthcare services COVID-19 related on Campus?
    No. The healthcare services COVID-19 related will be granted by the Portuguese public health system through the SAUDE 24 Helpline (808 24 24 24).
  • Does the Campus have hand sanitizer dispensers all over it? And what about at the classes entrance and common spaces?
    Yes, there are dispensers at the entrance to the Campus and in other strategic locations, namely at the entrance of each building and on each floor of the buildings, next to photocopiers and vending machines.
  • Does one need to use masks on Campus all the time?
    It is mandatory to wear community masks (level 3) to access Campus and during the stay, including inside classrooms and offices.
  • Will Nova SBE give masks to all attendees on Campus? Staff, faculty & students (including the new students?)
    Nova SBE will provide reusable masks for their students at the beginning of the academic year. Each person is responsible to have a mask. There will be some services on Campus selling masks, like vending machines and Pingo Doce & Go.
  • What will happen if there's a positive COVID-19 case on Campus after the academic year has started?
    We will follow the Portuguese Health authorities recommendations and the contingency plan of Nova SBE and UNL published on our website.
  • In what circumstances do I have to quarantine?
    You should be quarantined if requested by health authorities and / or if you experience any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, shortness of breath or any other Covid-19 symptom related.
  • Will there be some kind of control at the entrance, namely temperature?
    We are not planning to do temperature control, but compliance with the mandatory usage of masks and hand disinfection at the entrance of the Campus will be controlled.
  • Do students need to have any medical declaration or  vaccine report to access campus?
    No, there is no requirement of medical documentation to access campus.
  • Will there be alcohol-based solution next to the photocopying machines (considering they are used daily by many employees)?
    Yes, an alcohol dispenser, or alternatively alcohol-based wipes, will be available next to the photocopying and vending machines.
  • How will the air conditioning be used?
    The air conditioning and ventilation system complies with all measures implemented by the authorities, specifically by using 100% new air for air renewal. However, opening the window is recommended, whenever possible, to provide natural ventilation.
  • Can Nova SBE support the Visa application process?
    Yes, the team Life at Nova (lifeatnova@novasbe.pt) can support you by providing information on the different steps you need to take to correctly apply for your visa. We are aware that the pandemic is causing severe delays in the timings of the embassies and consulates and are reaching out to all students from outside the EU to try to assist them in the best possible way.
  • Can Nova SBE help on looking for accommodation?
    The School counts on their Housing partners for accomodation services, including online platforms that cover a vast offering, as well as Student residencies with high quality standards.  The Life at Nova Team (lifeatnova@novasbe.pt) is available to guide and support students in the process of chosing the best option, as well as liaising with the partners for any issues that arise. For more information consult our website and the Welcome Guide, available on Moodle.
  • Is there special conditions with Nova SBE's housing partners due to COVID-19?
    We are currently working with our housing partners to negotiate the best possible conditions, namely to provide more flexibility and decrease risk in case of cancellations. We will be releasing information as soon as we receive new details from our partners.
  • Is there any partnerships with local lodging (hotels and hostels) for short term rentals?
    We are approaching local hostels and hotels however, given the high uncertainty for the coming summer, we are finding some reluctance to provide special prices at this stage. We will continue this work and provide further details as we go.
  • Is it safe to use the public transportations? Which means should one prefer for safety reasons?
    If possible one should prefer alternative transportation means to the public transports, quite often very crowded.
  • Will the shuttle from the Carcavelos’ train station and the campus be working? And Via Verde Boleias app?
    We are working with our partners for mobility to ensure all options of transportation to campus are fully working for the start of the academic year.


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