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2nd Winter School | A Week of Ocean Exploration and Insightful Learning
News | 08 March 2024 2nd Winter School | A Week of Ocean Exploration and Insightful Learning

From February 26th to March 1st, 2024, Nova SBE hosted the 2nd Winter School as part of the OceanSchool project, engaging participants in a comprehensive exploration of key ocean management issues.

The week featured compelling lectures by renowned experts, covering topics such as marine coastal ecosystems, spatial policy instruments, Antarctica's significance, and the role of socioeconomic indicators in ocean quality monitoring. Students from NHH also immersed themselves in hands-on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lab classes.

The Winter School not only deepened understanding but also equipped participants with practical tools for responsible ocean resource management. As the event concluded, participants left with enriched knowledge, fostering a collective commitment to sustainable practices in safeguarding our oceans.


📚 Recap of the Week's Highlights:


Marine Coastal Ecosystems and Development (Monday): Professor Alex Armand led a captivating exploration of the threats faced by marine ecosystems in developing countries. From overexploitation of fish stocks to the impact of pollution on water quality, participants gained a profound understanding of the challenges and their consequences on local populations.

The Role of Socioeconomic Indicators in Ocean Waters´ Quality Monitoring (Tuesday): Conceição Santos, from the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere, shed light on the integration of socioeconomic indicators with marine quality indicators. The session emphasized the importance of a holistic approach in decision-making, considering both environmental and socioeconomic factors.

Geographic Information Systems as Tools for Ocean Management (Tuesday Afternoon): Zara Teixeira, from the University of Coimbra, equipped participants with the fundamental skills of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The hands-on session allowed attendees to explore spatial data, enabling them to make informed decisions in the management of marine resources.

Conservation of Marine Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Wednesday): Maria Adelaide Ferreira, from the University of Lisbon, discussed the crucial role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECMs) in achieving the ambitious 30x30 target. Participants gained insights into the significance of these instruments for biodiversity conservation.

The Role of Antarctica (Thursday): Professor José Xavier, from the University of Coimbra, delved into the vital role Antarctica plays in global sea level, climate, and marine ecosystems. The session explored the unique governance regime of the Antarctic Treaty System and the challenges associated with this shared global space.

Lab Classes (Friday): The week concluded with Maria Antonieta Cunha e Sá guiding participants through hands-on lab classes, applying their knowledge in Geographic Information Systems and honing practical skills.

🌍 Closing Thoughts: The 2nd Winter School has been a journey of exploration, collaboration, and knowledge acquisition. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of ocean management, armed with the tools and insights to contribute meaningfully to the sustainable stewardship of our precious marine resources.

🤝 Thank You to All Participants, Speakers, and Organizers! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this Winter School – participants, distinguished speakers, and dedicated organizers. Your passion for ocean conservation and commitment to learning have made this event truly exceptional!

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The OceanSchool is a pioneer pedagogical project in Blue Growth resulting from a partnership between Nova School of Business and Economics, IPMA Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera Portugal (IPMA) and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, Norway, funded by EEA Grants Portugal*.



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