FCT Call for SR&TD Project Grants Information Session
Research | 12 February 2020 FCT Call for SR&TD Project Grants Information Session

In this session there were highlighted some issues regarding this call. Among other highlights it was also referred that  all team members must have their CVs available on CIÊNCIAVITAE or FCT-SIG CV and that an applicant can only submit one proposal as Principal Investigator (PI); a Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) is mandatory in every proposal and PIs must have ongoing employment or a fellowship contract with Nova SBE. The project duration is 36 months maximum and the project budget is € 250 000. The call budget is € 75 M and proposals will be submitted on the FCT Portal. The Nova SBE Research Office will support applicants throughout the application process but please bear in mind that it can only guarantee it efficiently if we receive your requests no later than two weeks before the call’s deadline (March 17).

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