Nova SBE welcomes new faculty
Past Research News | 21 September 2023 Nova SBE welcomes new faculty

Nova SBE starts the year with a warm welcome to new faculty for the 2023/24 academic year.

Management - André Trindade, Arnaud Monnier, Fan Zhang, Filipa Rodrigues, Graham Miller, Leonor Rossi, Marco Berti, Marco Galo, Michael Kummer, Michail Batikas, Pranadharthiharan Narayanan, Sai Kalvapalle, Yufei Shen

Finance - Camillo Riva, Felix Wilke, Martjin Boons, Nick Flamang, Tim Eisert

Economics - Adeline Delavande, Pedro Pires, Priscila Oliveira, Rita Dias Pereira

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