Cátia Batista
Cátia Batista
Associate Professor

Catia Batista is co-Founder and Scientific Director of the NOVAFRICA research center at the Nova School of Business and Economics.

Catia obtained her Ph.D. in Economics from the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago. After the PhD and before joining Nova; she has held positions and lectured macroeconomics; development and international economics at the departments of Economics of the University of Chicago; University of Oxford; and Trinity College Dublin. In the past she has also worked at the International Monetary Fund and at the Portuguese Catholic University. She is affiliated as a researcher with CReAM (London; UK) and IZA (Bonn; Germany). She has also worked as a consultant for the IGC (International Growth Center; based at the LSE) and for the World Bank.

She has conducted randomized control trials and collected data on topics related to mobile money and financial innovation; migration and remittance flows; education; entrepreneurship and technology adoption; including agricultural modernization; in Cape Verde; Ireland; Portugal; Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe. Her research has been published in outlets such as the Journal of Development Economics; the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; and the World Bank Economic Review.

Habilitation (Agregação) in International Economics; Universidade Nova de Lisboa; 2014

Ph.D. in Economics; University of Chicago; 2005

M.Sc. in Economics; Universiteit Katholieke Leuven; 1998

B.Sc. in Economics; Universidade Católica Portuguesa; 1997 

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