Luís Lages
Luís Lages

Luis Filipe Lages ( is Full Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics. He was a Visiting Scholar at LBS and MIT Engineering School and a Visiting Faculty at MIT Sloan School of Management. He is the creator of the VCW-Value Creation Wheel (, which was applied across a wide range of firms, from award winning start-ups to Fortune 500 companies ( to solve their dailly challenges.

Among many others, he has published in the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Retailing, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Business Review,  Journal of International Marketing and International Marketing Review. He is/was on the Editorial Board of these last two leading journals. 

He teaches in the fields of Innovation, Value Creation, Problem Solving, Creativity, New Product Development, Marketing and International Marketing. He served as academic director of the Undergraduate Programs at Nova SBE and co-director of the PhD Program in Management.

Agregação (Habilitation) in Marketing - Universidade Nova de Lisboa- Nova School of Business and Economics Lisbon, Portugal

PhD - Marketing and Strategic Management - Warwick University - Warwick Business School Warwick, England

Masters of Arts – Marketing - Coventry University - Coventry Business School Coventry, England

Licenciatura - Public Relations - Instituto Superior da Maia, Portugal

Innovation, Value Creation, Problem Solving, Creativity, New Product Development, Marketing and International Marketing

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