Benoit Decreton
Benoit Decreton
Assistant Professor

Benoit Decreton is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Nova SBE.

His research focuses on innovation, problem solving and entrepreneurship in multinational corporations. He has done in-depth field research in Silicon Valley, analysing innovation outposts of multinational corporations there. Benoit’s research appeared in the Global Strategy Journal, Long Range Planning, and in the Journal of Organization Design, among others. He is on the Editorial Board of the Global Strategy Journal.

Benoit received his PhD from WU Vienna and was a visiting scholar at INSEAD and Stanford University. 

2020 – PhD in Economic and Social Sciences – WU Vienna

2014 – Master in International Management – CEMS

2014 – Master of Science in International Marketing and Management – Copenhagen Business School 

Innovation, problem solving and entrepreneurship in multinational corporations.

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  • Nell, Phillip C., Decreton, Benoit, Ambos, Bjorn (2016). How does geographic distance impact the relevance of HQ knowledge? The mediating role of shared context. Research in Global Strategic Management, 17, 275-298.