Giorgio Ottonello
Giorgio Ottonello
Assistant Professor
Finance Knowledge Center

Giorgio has received his Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Genoa in 2012. He then moved to Vienna, where he obtained a Master Degree in Quantitative Finance in 2014 from WU Vienna. He completed in 2019 his PhD in Finance at the Vienna Graduate School of Finance, with a focus on institutional investors in fixed-income markets.

2019 Ph.D in Finance - Vienna Graduate School of Finance

2014 M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance - Vienna University of Economics and Business

2012 BA in Business Administration - University of Genoa

Empirical Asset Pricing, OTC Markets, Institutional Investors, Credit and Liquidity Risk

  • Boons, Martijn, Ottonello, Giorgio, Valkanov, Rossen (2023). Do credit markets respond to macroeconomic shocks? The case for reverse causality. The Journal of Finance, 78 (5), 2901-2943.
  • Jankowitsch, Rainer, Ottonello, Giorgio, Subrahmanyam, Marti G (2023). Regulation, asset complexity, and the informativeness of credit ratings. The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 12 (3).
  • Nagler, Florian, Ottonello, Giorgio (2022). Inventory-constrained underwriters and corporate bond offerings. The Review of Asset Pricing Studies, 12 (3), 639-666.