Leid Zejnilovic
Leid Zejnilovic
Assistant Professor

Leid Zejnilovic is an Assistant Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he teaches in master, MBA, and executive programs. He is the chairman of Data Science for Social Good Foundation, co-founder of Orka (www.owis.com), and he volunteers as the Research and Operations Officer of Patient Innovation, a non-profit platform and social network.

Previously, Leid held various advisory and executive roles, and he worked as a telecommunications engineer.

Leid Zejnilovic received his dual Ph.D. degree in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Change from Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.A.) and Catholic University of Portugal. He earned Master of Science Degrees in Engineering and Public Policy, and in Information Technology, as well as Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications.

Open and user innovation, Technology strategy, Data Science

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