Reinventing the future: Labour Relations for the next 50 years - <p>Have you imagined how your work is going to be your work in 50 years? Companies, workers, governments, and academia will share their perspectives, challenges, solutions, and fears about the future of...</p>
Data Science in Football" - a talk with Sport Lisboa e Benfica Head of Data Science, Sudarshan "Suds" Gopaladesikan - <p>Through the lens of the football industry, we&rsquo;ll look at many examples of how various data science techniques has helped SL Benfica refine their business methodology.</p> <p>Having the skills of a...</p>
The Data Journals by Le Wagon - <p>The Data Journals&nbsp;is an exciting journey into the life of Data Science professionals. Expect to join a unique experience with&nbsp;testimonials,&nbsp;projects&nbsp;and the best insights&nbsp;from...</p>
Le Wagon's Data Impact School - <h5>Sustainability and change in&nbsp;Data Science</h5> <p>We believe that&nbsp;data&nbsp;can create a&nbsp;positive impact in communities. For&nbsp;this reason, Le Wagon Lisbon and Nova SBE created a special...</p>
LeWagon Data Impact School – Leid Zejnilovic & Bruna Riboldi - <p>Prof. Leid Zejnilovic and our Project Manager Bruna Riboldi will join the closing session of the Data Impact School, a series of events designed by Le Wagon Portugal and Nova SBE.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The third...</p>
Curiosity Data Science Iberian Awards - <p>On July 8 at 10AM, this year&#39;s Curiosity Data Science Award Ceremony&nbsp;will take place in Spain in a blended format.</p> <p>This award will recognize projects carried out in 2020 in Iberia, and is...</p>
Mapie - Launching Ceremony - <p>On July 23, 2021, meet Mapie&#39;s new face.</p> <p>Watch the presentation ceremony at 10:30 am at Escola Secundária Eng.&ordm; Acácio Calazans Duarte with interventions by Jorge Bastos, Cesário Silva,...</p>
Presenting the Social Sciences DataLab (DataLab) - <p paraeid="{c7d54910-6ad8-42f3-93a1-07d0fd512d9f}{241}" paraid="1467624116">Join us and learn how to leverage your scientific research at Nova School of Business and Economics, using DataLab&#39;s data, storage and computing capacity!&nbsp;</p> <p paraeid="{c7d54910-6ad8-42f3-93a1-07d0fd512d9f}{255}" paraid="471791697">In this session, Alice Amâncio...</p>
Modelos de Gestão de Risco no Combate à Fraude e Corrupção - <p>DSKC&rsquo;s Executive Director&nbsp;<a href="">Lénia Mestrinho</a>&nbsp;is sharing our work, focusing on successful data science projects between Government and Academia, on a panel dedicated to Data Sharing and...</p>
Workshops de Dados para o Setor Social - <p paraeid="{4fd69907-dd32-4aa9-b448-b7fc1248f130}{240}" paraid="980350547">NOVA SBE Data Science Knowledge Center is organizing a series of free workshops on various topics related to data management, exclusively dedicated to social impact organizations.&nbsp;</p> <p paraeid="{ed2808fc-a1f2-458d-8aa7-396e93d02f38}{3}" paraid="1139598047">Workshops #1...</p>
Art, AI & Blockchain - <p paraeid="{7f70f25d-f26b-4a16-b70b-311b46d25eba}{118}" paraid="2114654939">ALAgrApHY, artista e cientista de dados reconhecido e premiado pela arte que desenvolve através de Inteligência Artificial, está de regresso a Portugal para exibir a sua mais recente criação. Durante...</p>
WiTH Africa Platform Launching - Empowering African Tourism through Data - <p>It is with great pleasure that Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism and Hospitality and Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center invite you to participate in the launch ceremony of the WiTH Africa...</p>
LeWagon Data Summer Academy talk – Susana Lavado - <p>Our Senior Data Scientist Susana Lavado will join the first session of the Data Summer Academy presenting the project &ldquo;ANA - Intra-municipal Mobility Indicators to Fight COVID-19&rdquo;. Within...</p>
LeWagon Data Summer Academy talk – QiWei Han - <p>Prof. QiWei Han will join the last session of the Data Summer Academy presenting the project &ldquo;Camera Eats First: Exploring Food Aesthetics Portrayed on Social Media using Deep Learning&rdquo;....</p>
Renovação da parceria Iniciativa para a Equidade Social - <p data-pm-slice="1 1 []" data-private="redact" data-wt-guid="08003f39-7818-4660-bd00-f3fce7b50fee">In&nbsp;2019, &rdquo;la&nbsp;Caixa&rdquo; Foundation, BPI and Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) joined forces to boost the social sector in Portugal. The partnership has seven...</p>
How to Apply AI in Business | Sala D -105 - <p>We have partnered with the Nova Tech Club to bring students closer to the power of AI in the business sector!&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Join this interactive knowledge-sharing workshop designed for everyone...</br></br></p>
DSPA Insights ‘22 - <p paraeid="{e4fb7801-04bb-4315-9832-284e17a96e53}{148}" paraid="829867033">Lénia Mestrinho and Leid Zejnilovic, from DSKC&rsquo;s team, will have the chance to join the DSPA - Data Science Portuguese Association in the 2022 edition of DSPA Insights!&nbsp;</p> <p paraeid="{e4fb7801-04bb-4315-9832-284e17a96e53}{172}" paraid="877508171">The floor will be...</p>
CMU Portugal Summit 2022- New Frontiers in Tech - <p paraeid="{9c163a9d-17a8-4ec4-9188-517b662a21d3}{113}" paraid="1429704175">The CMU Portugal Summit 2022- New Frontiers in Tech will start on November 9th at Factory Lisbon I Hub Criativo do Beato (Av. Infante Dom Henrique 143, 1950 - Lisbon), where Portuguese and CMU...</p>
Ciclo de Conferências E-REDES Academia - <p paraeid="{e139a458-ccf9-41ec-8c5b-3fbf0d13baf5}{49}" paraid="1150608613">E-REDES, in partnership with Negócios, is organising a cycle of conferences with leading universities to debate the contribution of electricity distribution networks to energy transition.&nbsp;</p> <p paraeid="{e139a458-ccf9-41ec-8c5b-3fbf0d13baf5}{65}" paraid="1521565668">The...</p>
Business Analytics: from Data to Decision Making - <p paraeid="{635f5163-dcfb-4d34-89d6-594894919ac9}{37}" paraid="153011870">DSKC partnered with LTPlabs and the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem on an exciting panel about &lsquo;Business Analytics: from Data to Decision Making&rsquo;, including some interesting topics, such as...</p>
Transnational Meeting EPSILON project - <p>After the first months of online meetings, our team-partners from Hochschule Harz, Vilnius University and University of Cyprus joined us in person for the EPSILON Transnational Meeting, at Nova SBE,...</p>
Mobile Eye-Tracking and Physiological Sensing with Professor Noam Shoval - <p>Don&#39;t miss out and join us for a talk with Prof. <a href="">Noam Shoval</a>!</p> <p>&gt; At the <a href="">Nova School of Business and Economics</a> Campus in Carcavelos, Westmont Hospitality Hall - March. 7th &ndash; 11:30 AM</p> <p>&gt;...</p>
Session I | Data Workshop - ...
Open Day Social Database - <p>Social organizations of Torres Vedras, we invite you to participate in the first Social Database Open Day, which will be held in partnership with&nbsp;<a data-attribute-index="8" data-entity-type="MINI_COMPANY" href="">Camara Municipal de Torres Vedras</a>.</p> <p>(The Social...</p>
Session II | Data Workshop - <p>With our Theory of Change workshop, exclusively developed for social organizations, you can gain insights into the use of data in change management and evaluation. Ready to drive impact?</p>
Session III | Data Workshop - <p>Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to organise information, produce statistics and visually communicate data.</p>
Session IV | Data Workshop - <p><b>Social organizations, looking for ways to assess&nbsp;stakeholder satisfaction?<br /> Don&#39;t miss the fourth session of our Data Workshops!</b></p> <p>With our workshop &quot;Stakeholder Satisfaction...</p></br>
European Decision Sciences Day - <p>The European Decision Sciences Day is a collaborative endeavor among&nbsp;eminent European business schools, the founding members of which are INSEAD and IE Business School. Its objective is to...</p>
Transnational Meeting EPSILON project – Cyprus - <p paraeid="{5f94e9e1-b4a2-4dbd-89f7-a28b2397511d}{137}" paraid="551285693">Over two productive days, our dedicated team from NOVA SBE Data Science Knowledge Center, Hochschule Harz, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus and Vilnius University came together to...</p>
African Tourism Data Ecosystem - <p>Public launch and presentation of the report &quot;African Tourism Data Ecosystem: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Growth,&quot; developed by the WiTH Africa team.</p>
Session V | Data Workshop - <p paraeid="{e059dd8a-6ff9-4092-8390-90830dfd5b3e}{238}" paraid="1139572803"><strong>Social organizations, looking for ways to leverage the projects&#39; narrative?&nbsp;Don&#39;t miss the fifth session of our Data Workshops!&nbsp;</strong></p> <p paraeid="{e059dd8a-6ff9-4092-8390-90830dfd5b3e}{250}" paraid="291848099">With our &quot;Data Storytelling&quot; workshop,...</p>
Session I | Data with Social Value Workshop - <p paraeid="{3f5ae3ff-6344-497e-b937-ae45841b954a}{223}" paraid="884157826">How can the Social Database contribute to providing social investors with more and better information to make decisions regarding funding and partnerships with the social sector? Join us for a...</p>
EPSILON Training for International Students Activity - <p paraeid="{2a9f7d59-bbdb-404f-a111-dd242d928278}{230}" paraid="42256147">Throughout three days, the Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center hosted a series of engaging workshops and seminars full of invaluable insights into the applications of Data Science for promoting...</p>
Session II | Data with Social Value Workshop - <p paraeid="{738c728c-c92c-4888-a7ee-dbf5f53d9a5b}{155}" paraid="1169064257">How can the Social Database help companies have more and better information to decide on projects and partnerships with the social sector?? Join us for a discussion!&nbsp;</p> <p paraeid="{738c728c-c92c-4888-a7ee-dbf5f53d9a5b}{161}" paraid="1386317155">Save your spot: <a href="" rel="noreferrer noopener"...</p>
WiTH Africa Community Gathering - <p>During the 1st WiTH Africa Community Gathering, we had the presence of 16 professors and researchers from different African and European universities, and it was truly rewarding to have counted on...</p>