2019 NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development in Africa Welcomes Renowned International Speakers - <p>On June 3<sup>rd</sup>, 4<sup>th</sup>, and 5<sup>th</sup>, Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) will welcome, at its Carcavelos Campus, a unique conference about the economic development in Africa with renowned...</p>
Rural Business Models Developed at Nova SBE Help Prevent Wilfires in Portugal - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE), under the ENABLE project framework and a course taught by Professor Milton de Sousa, Associate Professor, challenged two of his classes to develop...</p>
“La Caixa” Foundation, BPI, and Nova SBE Create a Social Equity Initiative - <p>The &rdquo;la Caixa&rdquo; Foundation,&nbsp; BPI, and Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) launched today Iniciativa para a Equidade Social [Social Equity Initiative], a partnership that...</p>
Nova SBE welcomes the 2019 Estoril Conferences - <p>From May 27<sup>th</sup> to May 29<sup>th</sup>, Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) will welcome in its bright new campus, in Carcavelos, the sixth edition of the Estoril Conferences, a bi-annual meeting,...</p>
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Nova SBE will have an Executive Education program on Sustainability - <p>The first edition of the Paradigm Shift program will take place in June. Executives will be able to deal with the organizational Sustainability subject and tension management that this implies.</p>
Leadership & Society Forum Returns For a Second Edition - <p>The main initiative of the <strong>Leadership &amp; Society Forum</strong>, one of the main events and one of the many activities promoted by the <strong>Leadership Chair of Fundação Amélia de Mello and Nova School of...</strong></p>
Nova SBE Students will be at the World Finals of Brandstorm 2019 - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) students Matilde Tito, Serenela Moreira, and Nieves Rojas are the winners of the Portuguese finals of Brandstorm 2019, L&rsquo;Oréal&rsquo;s...</p>
Applications for the Firma & Futuro 2019 Award Are Officially Open - <p>The FIRMA agency and Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) created the FIRMA &amp; FUTURO award that fosters territory cohesion and social peace while valuing human resources.</p>
Nova SBE with Five Teams in the Portuguese Finals of Brandstorm 2019 - <p>The Portuguese finals of Brandstorm 2019, aimed at senior university students from all over the world, will take place on May 3<sup>rd</sup> and Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) has five teams...</p>
Nova Surf Contest 3rd edition about to take place - ...
Promoted by Nova . 13 January 2021 Introducing the Nova Sustainable Way of Life: exclusive interview with Thomas Morgensten

Read the exclusive interview with Thomas Morgensten, TOMRA's Vice-President for Government Affairs Europe and Central Asia, where he talked about the importance of the partnership with Nova SBE,...

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