Leadership Summit Lisbon’s 1st Edition in partnership with Nova SBE - <p>Next September 26<sup>th</sup>, at Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, the first edition of Leadership Summit Lisbon will take place, with the support of Nova School of Business and economics&rsquo; Executive...</p>
Kickstart your Graduate Career with Kerry Group - <p>Nova School of Business and Economics will have, once more*, sessions entirely dedicated to renowned national and international companies. The initiative programmed for this week will be a day...</p>
Oliver Wyman Day at Nova SBE - <p>As part of the Career Services Program &ndash; that focuses on the students&rsquo; professional future &ndash; Nova School of Business and Economics will have, as is costume throughout the school...</p>
Nova SBE and Nestlé launch Nestlé Fora da Casca Program - <p><strong>Nestlé Portugal</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Nova School of Business and Economics&nbsp;</strong>will launch today, at 4 p.m., at Nestlé&rsquo;s headquarters, in Linda-a-Velha, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship...</p>
Volunteering session and visit to the new campus - <p>Tomorrow, September 13th, will be Nova Descoberta&rsquo;s last day &ndash; an initiative organized by Nova School of Business and Economics, dedicated to welcoming the new Economics and Management...</p>
FT RANKING - TOP 20 worldwide - <p>The International Masters in Management of Nova School of Business and Economics has been ranked the 17th best program worldwide in 2017.</p>
Nova Descoberta - Your adventure starts now! - <p>Starting September 11th, Nova School of Business and Economics will welcome the new Economics and Management undergraduate students. Thus, and as a way to best welcome and prepare them for this new...</p>
Nova SBE: excellency rewarded - <p>Santander Totta bank awarded the excellency shown by Nova School of Business and Economics students by granting scholarships &ndash; entitled &ldquo;Nova SBE &ndash; Santander Totta Excelência&rdquo;...</p>
Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence by Nova SBE - <p>It&rsquo;s with great pride that Nova School of Business and Economics created the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence, in which the best tools and opportunities are given to a selection of students...</p>
Promoted by Nova . 06 April 2020 Nova SBE Wins ERA Chair for the First Time

Nova SBE has been awarded a European Research Area (ERA) Chair, for the first time in its history. ERA denotes that these are special awards from the European Union (EU) to help consolidate high...

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