Zero Gravity’s acceleration program with an unprecedented boot camp - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics welcomes, on November 30<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;and December 1<sup>st</sup>, 20 startups from all around the world &ndash; 17 of which are international &ndash; for a boot camp, an...</p>
Nova SBE, the best Portuguese business school, according to Eduniversal - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics has confirmed its status as the best business school in Portugal. In the 10<sup>th&nbsp;</sup>Eduniversal World Convention, at the American University in Dubai (AUD) in...</p>
Future Talks – Talking about the future with Maria João Carioca, Vera Pinto Pereira, and João Talone - <p>After welcoming António Simões, HSBC&rsquo;s CEO in the United Kingdom, Nova School of Business &amp; Economics invites three Alumni with a unique professional path to share more about their lives,...</p>
Nova SBE and BPI organize the 7th edition of the Asset Management Conference - <p>Nova Finance Center from Nova School of Business &amp; Economics, alongside BPI, is organizing another edition of the Assent Management Conference. This will be the 7<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;edition and will have as...</p>
Nova SBE and KPMG bolster young talents - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics is proud to announce that, in 2017, 31 of its graduates initiated their professional career at the multinational KPMG.</p>
Nova SBE is holding a Nova Finance Week - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics is hosting its first edition of the Nova Finance Week. This is an event organized by the Nova Students&rsquo; Union, alongside the Nova Investment Club, and it...</p>
Nova SBE, alongside Cisco, at the Web Summit - <p>Nova School of Business and Economics is part of Web Summit&rsquo;s 9th edition &ndash; the biggest annual technology conference in the world &ndash; alongside the multinational Cisco Systems.</p>
Nova SBE will have a new WPP Masterclass - <p>As part of the Career Services Program, Nova School of Business and Economics will promote another Masterclass with WPP. This time, WPP discusses how brands grow and the strategies they use to cement...</p>
“Comunicação em Debate” [Debating Communication] with three Nova SBE Alumni - <p>Three of the guest speakers at the 5<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;edition of the conference &ldquo;Comunicação em Debate&rdquo; [Debating Communication], organized by Meios e Publicidade, are Nova School of Business and...</p>
Nova SBE joins the PIM Network - <p>On October 18<sup>th</sup>, Nova School of Business and Economics officially became a full partner of the PIM network during its annual meeting in Tel Aviv.</p>
Promoted by Nova . 15 May 2020 Nova SBE's Social Leapfrog Program Has Now Open Applications

The second edition of Nova School of Business & Economics' Social Leapfrog program will be open to applications from June 1 until June 15. Social organizations based in Portugal will have the...

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