SBE’s first Hackathon marathon - <p>October 12<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;and 13<sup>th</sup>, Nova School of Business and Economics had, for the first time, a hackathon &ndash; a 24h marathon in which all participants were challenged to come up with solutions for...</p>
Nova School of Business and Economics is now part of the CFA program - <p>It&rsquo;s with great pride that we inform you that Nova School of Business and Economics will integrate the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program Institute. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst),...</p>
McKinsey’s Campus Presentation at Nova SBE - <p>Nova School of Business and Economics will have, once more, a one day initiative where students can learn more about a renowned international company. As part of the Career Services Program, Nova SBE...</p>
Nova SBE will have a Masterclass conducted by Dr. Christoph Franz, Roche’s Chairman - <p>Nova School of Business and Economics will welcome&nbsp;<strong>Dr. Christoph Franz</strong>, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roche Holding Ltd, who will teach a Masterclass next&nbsp;<strong>October 24<sup>th</sup></strong>, at&nbsp;<strong>3:15...</strong></p>
Nova SBE presents Venture Lab and its initiatives - <p>Last&nbsp;<strong>October 3<sup>rd</sup></strong>,&nbsp;<strong>Nova School of Business and Economics</strong>&nbsp;launched Nova SBE Venture Lab&rsquo;s new cowork space &ndash; the Container Park &ndash; as well as its acceleration program...</p>
Nova SBE is one of the universities of the IQCE European program - <p>Nova School of Business and Economics is one of the six European universities that are part of the Ph.D. program Improving Quality of Care in Europe (IQCE), an initiative that intends to give...</p>
The Lisbon MBA Executive is the only Portuguese MBA in the Financial Times’ ranking - <p>The Lisbon MBA Executive &ndash; Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics (Católica-Lisbon) and Nova School of Business and Economics&rsquo; (Nova SBE) Executive MBA &ndash; was ranked...</p>
Nova SBE resumes French teaching pioneer project - <p>Nova School of Business and Economics will resume, this school year, the innovative French-speaking project. Known as &ldquo;French, a language of opportunities&rdquo; (Français, une langue d&rsquo;...</p>
Nova SBE resumes Masterclasses with partner WPP Group - <p>Nova School of Business and Economics will resume Masterclasses with one of the largest publicity and marketing groups in the world &ndash; the WPP Group.&nbsp;WPP&rsquo;s contribution aims to deepen...</p>
Nova SBE at the European Researchers' Night 2017 - <p>Last<strong>&nbsp;September 29</strong><sup>th</sup>, at Pavilhão do Conhecimento, the&nbsp;<strong>5<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;edition of the European Researchers&rsquo; Night (ERN)&nbsp;</strong>took place. Known for gathering scientists and the general public...</p>
Promoted by Nova . 21 June 2019 Nova SBE Students Develop Innovative Project for Fidelidade Seguros

Five Nova SBE students from the CEMS – Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM), from Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), worked on a challenge presented by...

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