Nova SBE Organizes International Day - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics will have, next October 25<sup>th</sup>, an international day dedicated not only to all Portuguese students who want to spend one or more semesters abroad but also to the...</p>
Portugal Talks’ First Edition will take place at Nova SBE - <p>Presenting itself as a think-action tank meant for the civil society, Portugal Talks intends to discuss and create viable solutions for some of the most relevant issues of the national public life. It...</p>
Singularity University Portugal opens SingularityU Portugal - <p>The <a href="">Singularity University (SU)</a>, a global community that intends to enable and inspire leaders to apply exponential technologies to solve humanity&rsquo;s biggest challenges, announces Portugal as its...</p>
Nova School of Business & Economics Was Honored by His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic - <p>On September 29<sup>th</sup>, Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) received the Honorary Member of the Order of Public Instruction degree by the hands of His Excellency the President of the...</p>
Applications for the beNova scholarships 18/19 are finally open! - <p>The applications for the 7<sup>th</sup> edition of the beNova Scholarships Program, a unique program of Nova School of Business &amp; Economics, are now finally open and any bachelor&rsquo;s student can apply.</p>
Sustainable Development Impact Summit will take place at Nova SBE in 2019 - <p>The Sustainable Development Impact Summit, an&nbsp;event that gathers entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, and other renowned figures, will take place in September 2019, in Portugal, and Nova School...</p>
The Second Edition of the International Career Fair is Coming Up - <p>The Nova SBE International Career Fair, the decisive event that Nova School of Business &amp; Economics organizes to helps students plan, organize, and discuss their future is coming up. The Nova SBE...</p>
Gulbenkian and Nova SBE prepare a new Master's - <p>The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and <a href="">Nova School of Business &amp; Economics</a> are preparing to launch, through a partnership, <strong>the first master&rsquo;s degree in Entrepreneurship and Impact in...</strong></p>
Meet the Nova SBE Fellows – Maria Gabriela Teixeira Duarte - <p>So far Nova School of Business &amp; Economics has presented people, students, who are nothing short of incredible. People who faced many challenges and turned them into opportunities. People who got...</p>
Nova School of Business & Economics signs protocol with CP and Cascais Próxima - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics&nbsp;signed, on September 4<sup>th</sup>, a protocol with CP (Comboios de Portugal) and Cascais Próxima, which aims at creating a combined Nova SBE transportation pass....</p>
Promoted by Nova . 18 September 2020 Nova SBE Student Becomes Under 23 European Rowing Vice-Champion

To help its community grow boldly, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) believes it is its duty to encourage the students’ personal and professional success. Tomás Barreto, a Nova...

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