Singularity University Portugal opens SingularityU Portugal
Promoted by Nova | 09 October 2018 Singularity University Portugal opens SingularityU Portugal

The Singularity University (SU), a global community that intends to enable and inspire leaders to apply exponential technologies to solve humanity’s biggest challenges, announces Portugal as its new country partner. The SingularityU Portugal will, therefore, join renowned companies, entrepreneurs, and future innovators to create innovation and development opportunities in Portugal and the world.

With the intention of creating a forum where people could engage and create impactful knowledge in the Portuguese society, the Municipality of Cascais, Nova School of Business & Economics, and Beta-i joined forces to found the SingularityU Portugal, being from this moment on responsible for the long-term agreement with Singularity University.

SingularityU Portugal has thus the goal of enabling and inspiring leaders to find new solutions for society’s challenges in technology and create a long-term connection with the newest innovation and development opportunities in Portugal and the world.

The connection between the abovementioned entities to the Singularity University community allows them to reinforce their commitment to innovation, and fulfill the common goal of being in the forefront of technological evolution, keeping up with the fast and profound changes that the newest technologies are provoking in their prominent areas and society in general.

Portugal is the fourth country partner of Singularity University, joining the global network of growing partners: SingularityU Nordics, SingularityU Netherlands, and SingularityU Canada. Singularity University collaborates with leaders from each country in order for its program and perspectives to reach executives, politicians, and local entrepreneurs.

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