Nova SBE is one of the universities of the IQCE European program
Research | 16 October 2017 Nova SBE is one of the universities of the IQCE European program

Nova School of Business and Economics is one of the six European universities that are part of the Ph.D. program Improving Quality of Care in Europe (IQCE), an initiative that intends to give investigators the opportunity to gain experience in different sectors so that they can develop and adapt their skills by working on joint research projects.

The IQCE program aims to improve the quality and performance of European health care systems, given that the research conducted so far provided little information about areas that lack quality of care. Thus, the Ph.D. thesis of each student will focus in one of the six dimensions of health quality indicated by the World Health Organization: effectiveness, safety, efficiency, access, equitability, and acceptability. It’s a network Ph.D. program, so the IQCE has 14 students from different European institutions, and all of them will undertake different courses in each of the program’s universities.

Nova SBE, as a European partner and collaborator, welcomed these students last October 10th, so that they could attend one of the said courses, namely an Economics course. Two of them will stay at Nova SBE, while the others will return to their institutions’ “headquarters”. However, throughout the year, this group of students will meet again at other universities so that they can attend the remaining courses the program has in store for them.

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