The Lisbon MBA Rises Two Positions in the 2021 Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking
Promoted by Nova | 23 February 2021 The Lisbon MBA Rises Two Positions in the 2021 Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking

The Lisbon MBA, an executive program from Católica-Lisbon and Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), in partnership with MIT Sloan School of Management, rose two positions in the 2021 Global MBA Financial Times ranking, now being ranked 82nd and being, for the ninth consecutive year, among the best in the world.

In 2021, The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova improved, once again, its position in one of the most renowned world rankings, going from the 84th worldwide to 82nd and being the only Portuguese MBA on the list, as well as the only one among the 25 best in Europe, and the best in the world in the “International Course Experience” segment.

The Lisbon MBA International Católica | Nova consists of a full-time intensive program that includes a one-month immersion at MIT Sloan School of Management in the United States of America and two months of action learning. Students can choose to work on an international consulting project, an in-company assignment, or develop their own entrepreneurial project during this time.

As abovementioned, the Portuguese joint venture is also among the best 25 executive programs in Europe, ranking 24th and conquering the 11th position in Europe – and the 28th worldwide – in the “Career Progress” category, which compares the level of seniority of professionals and their company’s dimension before and after they graduate.

This acknowledgment reinforces the importance of the collaboration among higher education institutions towards a common goal and the program’s mission in training world leaders capable of transforming their organizations through innovative solutions.

You can check the entire 2021 Global MBA Financial Times Ranking list here.

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