Rural Business Models Developed at Nova SBE Help Prevent Wilfires in Portugal
Promoted by Nova | 24 May 2019 Rural Business Models Developed at Nova SBE Help Prevent Wilfires in Portugal

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), under the ENABLE project framework and a course taught by Professor Milton de Sousa, Associate Professor, challenged two of his classes to develop business models that would contribute to the prevention of the devastating wildfires that Portugal every year.

During the Global Management Practices course, and before a jury constituted by companies such as the Associação Nacional de Bombeiros Profissionais, the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, and The Navigator Company, Professor Milton de Sousa’s students shared their disruptive ideas on the matter and developed innovate business models on the matter.

Given how groundbreaking the solutions were, all the entities involved organized a workshop to stimulate the debate around rural business models. It took place in ISA’s headquarters and brought together several stakeholders, such as forestry associations, territory management entities, forest fire fighting entities, municipalities, and companies that are somehow related to this area, to understand how you can go forward with a practical application and identify the main difficulties to implement it.

The conclusions drawn will be formally presented in the ENABLE conference, entitled “Engaging businesses and society in landscape restoration,” which will take place May 28th, at 03:15 p.m., at Nova SBE’s campus in Carcavelos. You can register here and guarantee your presence.

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