Inclusive Community Forum now has an official website
Promoted by Nova | 08 January 2019 Inclusive Community Forum now has an official website

In September 2017, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) developed, alongside Rui Diniz (Executive Vice-President of José de Mello Saúde) the Inclusive Community Forum (ICF). This is an initiative dedicated to the lives of people with disabilities that has as its primary goal the promotion of a more open and inclusive community. The ICF, therefore, intends to build a network made of all those who impact the lives of these people, challenging society to play an active role in the co-creation of solutions.

Since then, the initiative has grown and already has an online presence. On its official page, you can learn more about the ICF, as well as its team, goals and missions, the importance of its annual themes and the projects that were developed in regards to employability – the main focus of the center during 2018. The website includes illustrations by Marta Seixas, an invited artist that developed the concept and created original content for the project.

It is important to note that every three semesters, the ICF focuses on a different theme that has as its common denominator the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. With this in mind, employability was the theme chosen as the center’s first annual theme, and education will now be the up for discussion over the next three semesters. If you want to keep in touch or be up to date with all the work being carried out or if you want to know how you too can have an active role, don’t forget that you can finally visit the center’s official website.

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