BIG Smart Cities – Sixth Edition
Promoted by Nova | 18 December 2018 BIG Smart Cities – Sixth Edition

Last December 13th, the 6th edition of the Vodafone and Ericson BIG Smart Cities took place, a competition with Portuguese startups that wanted to improve the population’s quality of life through the projects they developed with 5G technology.

Big Smart Cities, the known entrepreneurship competition promoted by Vodafone and Ericson, put together a new edition this year that, this time around, focused on 5G technology and intended to search for ideas and projects that could accelerate the mobile network of the future.

For five days, several startups had workshops, mentoring sessions, and practical exercises to prepare for the final day, in which they had to show themselves worthy of the 10.000€ grand prize. This year, the big winner was BeON, a startup that sells plug and play solar panels, i.e., panels that can be plugged into common sockets to power the house. This app was the big winner of the competition, however, Parkio and Skin Soul’s ideas were also awarded 5000€ and 2500€ prizes, respectively.

The Nova SBE Venture Lab, the renowned center for innovation and entrepreneurship of national and international companies and talents of Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), developed this project in partnership with the two main organizers and even encouraged the school’s community to participate.

To learn more about this competition, visit BIG Smart Cities’ official site, as well as Nova SBE Venture Lab’s official page to learn more about the initiatives and innovative projects they organize.

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