The Future of Inovations | Presentation of InoCrowd's Platform - <p>Join this presentation and attend inspiring talks on Portuguese companies and their success and the service of innovation in organizations with renowned speakers such as Jorge Moreno Delgado, João...</p>
Inclusive Talk | Family Council - <p>In the Council of Families, people with disabilities, their families and friends, as well as each individual, contribute to the development of the Inclusive Community Forum. Everyone&#39;s...</p>
Beiersdorf Day: Presentation - <p>Keen on learning more about one of the biggest FMCGs in the world? Don&#39;t miss this chance and <a href="" target="_blank">apply here</a> to get to know Beiersdorf better!</p>
Digital Disruption by Deloitte Digital - <p>Deloitte Digital is a new approach to traditional consultancy that combines creativity, with technology and business expertise. Helping clients to adapt, gain advantage, and grow revenue in this...</p>
Spark Pitch Bootcamp@Nova SBE - <p>Do you value your proposition based on your own experiences, and practice what you have learned? Join this two days career accelerator, lectured in Portuguese. Get more information by checking the...</p>
NOVO BANCO Hackathon Fest | Inspirational Class - <p>Join an inspirational class with members of NOVO BANCO, BBDO Portugal, and Nova SBE, where they will be sharing their real-life experiences and tools to overcome a challenge in only 24 hours. This...</p>
International Day - <p>Sixty nationalities and over eighty international schools are all being brought together to celebrate internationalization. Join in for the biggest international event at our school! Taste different...</p>
Bain & Company Campus Presentation & Networking Cocktail - <p>Meet consultants and answer any questions you may have about Bain &amp; Company and the recruitment process. Sign up and know more <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
SAP Campus Presentation - <p>SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, is coming to our school. Learn more about the company and the opportunities for your future career. Join in by registering <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Inclusive Talks - <p>The Inclusive Community Forum is inviting you to come and learn more about last year&#39;s impactful subject - employability of people with disabilities - its learning processes and outcomes....</p>
Seminars & Conferences
21 Aug '19
Seminars & Conferences | Wednesday 46th European Finance Association Annual Meeting

The EFA Annual Meeting is the biggest financial, economic, academic event in Europe. The program includes 243 presentations, 2 panel sessions, and 1 keynote speaker. Know more and apply...

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