Open Day for Bachelor Degrees | 3rd Session - <p>Nova SBE holds &quot;Open Days&quot; in which secondary school students who wish to pursue a degree in economics or management can learn about our programs, the campus, and the school&rsquo;s...</p>
Final Concert | Gerajazz Workshop 2019 - <p>Come and enjoy a concert from Orquestra Geração, that combines faculty, students, and GeraJazz.&nbsp;Check the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Facebook page</a>&nbsp;for more information.</p>
Easter School - FPF & Nova SBE - <p>The Portuguese Football Federation and Nova SBE are offering, for the first time, an Easter School focused on the challenge of identifying, selecting, and developing a team of champions whether in...</p>
Social Impact Talk with Filippo Addarii - <p>Do you think it&#39;s possible to combine private and public interests? Come and be inspired as Filippo Addarii, a bold social entrepreneur, shows you how. Register and get more information <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
NOVO BANCO Hackathon Fest | Hello Future - <p>The NOVO BANCO Hackathon Fest is a 24-hour marathon to create, develop, plan and design an innovative solution for a given challenge, in an intensive creative-problem-solving ecosystem. Don&#39;t miss...</p>
Participatory Budget | Public Participation Session - <p>If you think that with the right tools you can make a difference then don&#39;t sleep on Nova SBE&#39;s first Participatory Budget, alongside the Municipality of Cascais. Students are invited to...</p>
Inclusive Talk | Institutions Council - <p>The Council of Institutions is composed by entities, public, business and Private Institutions of Social Solidarity, that have an interest in participating in the ICF and actively contribute to the...</p>
1st Hovione Conference - Factfulness: for a fact based worldview - Registration - <p>Imagine that all the people in the World lived along one long street. And imagine that all houses were sorted by income. The poorest to the left and the&nbsp;richest to the right. What would it look...</p>
Palgrave MacMillan | Publishing Business and Management Research - <p>Palgrave Macmillan is an authoritative and acclaimed publisher in Business and Economics, providing the very best academic textbooks, online support and research to help guide and enrich your...</p>
Make Social 2019 - <p>If you work with influencers and content creation in Agencies or Brands, or if you are an influencer yourself, this is the event for you. Come and learn with the biggest players in the market and...</p>
Seminars & Conferences
19 Jun '19
Seminars & Conferences | Wednesday Data Science for Social Good Portugal: Presentation Event (Lisbon)

In this meeting, Data Science for Social Good Portugal will present themselves to the community and talk about their current and future projects. They will be recruiting volunteers! Know more here.

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