The Consumer at the Center for Energy Sector Transformation - <p>This meeting will count with a presentation of the study, lead by Everis, which identifies the main aspects of consumers and shows the vision of this sector&#39;s companies. Get more information and...</p>
CEO Banking Forum - <p>Join this event that will count with the presence of several CEO&#39;s&#39; to take a&nbsp;look at the future challenges of the economy, innovation, and financing. Don&#39;t miss it, register <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Breakfast with the Dean - <p>Join Professor Daniel Traça for breakfast! An opportunity to talk about the school and to share ideas on how to continue to improve it.&nbsp;Check Nova SBE&#39;s stories on our&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>&nbsp;for...</p>
BIOMEET 2019 | 20 Years of P-BIO & Biotechnology - <p>The BIOMEET is an annual meeting of the P-BIO, where it brings together its members, being open to all entities involved or interested in the biotechnology sector. The program will consist in two...</p>
RTP & The Eurovision Song Contest | RTP Master Class - <p>The Core Team of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Lisbon last year, will drive you through the production process of the longest running, most loved and most challenging TV Show in the world....</p>
SMC Conference | Supply Chain Management - <p>&quot;Rethinking the Supply Chain&quot; and business strategies is the challenge of top managers and supply chain managers who will be in the Supply Chain meeting to analyze and discuss strategic...</p>
Seminar with Ester Faia - <p>Join Ester Faia, Professor at the Goethe University Frankfurt, as she presents <em>Insolvency-Illiquidity, Externalities and Regulation</em>. Apply <a href="">here</a>&nbsp;until April 30th.</p>
AUCHAN 25 hours Innovation Marathon | Circular Economy - <p>Join in and come up with new ways of reducing waste and promoting sustainability at the retail industry. Let&#39;s rethink the linear economy of using and discarding! For Portuguese speakers only!</p>
Banco de Portugal | Payment Balance & Financial Accounts - ...
Feira Ilimitada - <p>&quot;Empresa&quot; is a young entrepreneurship program that challenges high school students to create mini-company. Feira Ilimitada brings together the 25 best projects at the regional level, where...</p>
Seminars & Conferences
19 Jun '19
Seminars & Conferences | Wednesday Data Science for Social Good Portugal: Presentation Event (Lisbon)

In this meeting, Data Science for Social Good Portugal will present themselves to the community and talk about their current and future projects. They will be recruiting volunteers! Know more here.

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