Ocean Talks - <p><strong>The 2<sup>nd</sup> edition of the Ocean Talks will take place on June 7<sup>th</sup> at Museu do Mar, in Cascais.</strong>&nbsp;These talks, which gather a group of renowned speakers from the environmental and marine life areas,...</p>
Economic Applications of Quantile Regressions 2.0 - <p>The journal <em>Empirical Economics</em> is organizing a special issue on economic applications of quantile regression intended to follow up on the special issue that was published in 2001 and reprinted by...</p>
Santos na Nova - <p>Before your vacations, how about joining a traditional Portuguese &quot;arraial&quot; to celebrate the end of the first year at this new campus and the end of exams? Join in by registering <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/02d7f77b4f46dd6a59aafaea0f9b0572-45373ede7b683819b8c4279be237fb3d" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
2019 EFMD Annual Conference | Trust - Partnerships - Impact - <p>Designed for all those interested in management education and development, this conference&nbsp;brings together EFMD members, companies, educational institutions and other associations, offering...</p>
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship - <p>The Santander Prémio Voluntário Universitário is back! This year there will be three workshops where the main focus will be on the management of social projects, innovation, and entrepreneurship....</p>
Open class with Nitin Paranjpe - <p>This talk will be about Unilever&rsquo;s role as a purpose-led and future-fit business in a global context of declining trust, but with exciting new challenges and plenty of opportunities for...</p>
2019 NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development in Africa - <p>Join this event that will have renowned keynote speakers, such as Paul Collier (University of Oxford), Gerard Padro-i-Miquel (Yale University), Tavneet Suri (MIT), and Leonard Wantcheko (Princeton...</p>
Leading People - International HR Conference - <p>This event focuses on people management within the Leadership Summit Portugal project. Several national and international speakers will be there as guests, such as Leyla Nascimento, President of...</p>
Ph.D. Summer School - <p>Every year Nova School of Business&nbsp;&amp; Economics&rsquo; Ph.D. in Economics and Finance program hosts a Summer School in Economics for Ph.D. students. This year&rsquo;s edition is held in...</p>
Data for Change - <p>The Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center, the well-known knowledge center of Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE), has launched a pioneering competition in Portugal aimed at...</p>
Seminars & Conferences
21 Aug '19
Seminars & Conferences | Wednesday 46th European Finance Association Annual Meeting

The EFA Annual Meeting is the biggest financial, economic, academic event in Europe. The program includes 243 presentations, 2 panel sessions, and 1 keynote speaker. Know more and apply...

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