Better Governance: Giving Value Back to Stakeholders - <p>Next November, Nova SBE Executive Education will launch a thriving discussion on how executive and non-executive directors can create value for stakeholders through sustainable frameworks, while...</p>
Nova SBE-BPI Conference on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation - <p>Nova SBE Finance Center and BPI bank are pleased to invite you to attend the 2018 Nova SBE-BPI Conference on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation. Guest speakers include Shai Bernstein (Stanford),...</p>
Lisbon Meeting on Economics and Political Science - <p>The Lisbon Meeting on Economics and Political Science is a friendly and intellectually stimulating meeting, which aims at bringing together scholars from Economics and Political Science who share...</p>
Social Impact Talk With Stanley Anyetei, Impact Investor At Triodos Investments - <p>Meet international managers that drive real impact throughout their professional or personal experiences! This time we bring you Stanley Anyetei, an investment officer specialized in social impact and...</p>
7th International Conference On Business Servitization 2018 - <p>Nova SBE has the honor to invite you for the 7<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;International Conference on Business Servitization (ICBS 2018), which will be held under the theme &ldquo;Make, buy or partner: Paradoxes in...</p>
12 Rules for Live Tour - <p>Already have plans for next week? You cannot miss this talk with Dr. Jordan Peterson - &quot;One of the most important thinkers to emerge on the world stage for many years.&quot; - The...</p>
Frontier Knowledge Conferences - <p>It is with great pleasure and honor that the Money Club invites you to the first round of the &quot;Frontier Knowledge Conferences&quot; that will be held here at the Santander Money Club...</p>
Nova SBE organizes Social Impact Day - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) will organize, on November 13<sup>th</sup>, the Social Impact Day as part of the Social Impact Experience, that gathers and integrates all opportunities in the...</p>
Nova Cultural Week - <p>Tired of exams and never-ending group projects? What about a different week? <a href="">Nova Cultural Week</a> brings you art, cinema, literature, music, food, and much more!</p>
Hipersuper Conference – Sustainability And Circular Economy - <p>Next November 7<sup>th</sup>, Nova SBE will host an event with some of the major consumer goods representatives to talk about possible solutions and to reduce plastic use and stop food waste.</p>
Seminars & Conferences
21 Aug '19
Seminars & Conferences | Wednesday 46th European Finance Association Annual Meeting

The EFA Annual Meeting is the biggest financial, economic, academic event in Europe. The program includes 243 presentations, 2 panel sessions, and 1 keynote speaker. Know more and apply...

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