Nova SBE Future Board – Are You Already Part of the Future? - <p>You can make a difference&nbsp;and contribute to a clearer overview of the Nova SBE Future Board student&nbsp;universe. So, take a break to think about yourself and share your opinions and visions....</p>
Brown Bag Seminar with Juan Pedro Gomez - <p>With this paper, professor Juan Pedro Gomez (from IE Business School), examines whether the trend to not lock-in the investment period of investors has implications for mutual fund shareholders,...</p>
Conference "The Portugal of our Grandchildren: Demographic Tendencies and economy in the 21st century” - <p>Demographic ageing is an aging phenomenon that is becoming an inexorable reality. The European committee published this year the fundamental report entitled &ldquo;The Ageing Report 2018&rdquo; about...</p>
49th St. Gallen Symposium - <p>Please join Lino Gandola, responsible for Leaders of Tomorrow from St. Gallen Symposium who will be at Nova SBE to talk about how you can compete for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award and...</p>
WIN World Conference - <p>The WIN World Conference was designed to celebrate and inspire the future. Individuality and diversity. Complementarity and collectivity. Creativity and generosity. Planet and humanity. The best way...</p>
Social Cohesion Week 2018 - <p>The &quot;Semana de Coesão Social 2018&quot; [Social Cohesion Week 2018]&nbsp;invites everyone &ndash; citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs, and politicians, to think and debate social development...</p>
Generation Galp - <p>During one hour, you will have the opportunity to get to know Galp Energias and which opportunities the company has to offer. The applications for their trainee program are almost open and you can...</p>
EY Embassadors - <p>Choose to be one of the ambassadors of your school. Surprise one of Nova SBE partners and get the chance to be one of the EY Ambassadors for 2019, winning a trip to an European capital and a mentoring...</p>
“Do Lixo à nossa Arte” Exhibition - <p>This initiative, organized by Take C&rsquo;Air and Movimento Claro with the help of Nova SBE and the Municipality of Cascais, intends to bring consciousness to the marine waste problem. Clo Bourgard,...</p>
The "Family Businesses 4.0" 20-Year Congress - <p>Portuguese Family Businesses celebrates its 20<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;anniversary this year and in order to celebrate they will hold a congress in Nova SBE&#39;s campus with Professors Pedro Santa Clara and Nadim...</p>
Seminars & Conferences
19 Jun '19
Seminars & Conferences | Wednesday Data Science for Social Good Portugal: Presentation Event (Lisbon)

In this meeting, Data Science for Social Good Portugal will present themselves to the community and talk about their current and future projects. They will be recruiting volunteers! Know more here.

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